Timeless Deeds

Last Christmas, I was not glowing from head to toe from radioactive iodine thyroid testing nor from the sheer glee of getting engaged. In fact, I wasn’t glowing at all….well yet.

See, the sales representative for the travel company I work for decided to take me on a road trip to Austin. We were to meet a new client I would be assigned to. This was great. A whole day off work. A ride three hours to Austin and three hours back. Lots of time to talk and catch up. I have worked with Debbie over 17 years. We have been through a lot together. Grown a lot together. It’s not just a friendship. It is a history.

I soon discovered road tripping with Debbie was not all it was cracked up to be. She liked to stop – a LOT. I am a get there kinda gal (similar to a guy but not quite). So we stop. And we stop. And we stop again. I went inside the store and got a Coke to drink. I figured why not. I need a good caffeine sugar rush. I leave the store right behind Debbie. She goes to the driver side to get in. I am walking towards the passenger side.

I am looking at the ground. I remember thinking to myself the parking lot was flat. There wasn’t a step. Just as I thought that, I felt my foot hit not pavement but air. Unfortunately foot number two was already following close behind. Instantly, I had no footing and down I went. One hand held a Coke so it splayed outward, the other hand – my right – caught the concrete. HARD.

It was not pretty or graceful. It was SPLAT. I fell forward landing on knees and one arm. I ripped a hole in my pants on the right knee. My Coke was broken and spewing. I was really bummed about that. I was pretty stinkin’ poor and didn’t want to dish out another buck for a Coke. I stood right up and shook myself off. Debbie was shocked. The truck passenger next to us, also shocked. But I was okay. I WAS. I was embarrassed to no end, but just fine thankyouverymuch.

The nice lady in the store gives me a free Coke (bless you). Onward we go to Austin, and my wrist begins to swell nice and round. Then it hurts. Debbie stops so I can get ice. Debbie stops to get cookies from a bakery for the client. I can no longer open the car door with my right hand. We stop again at the clients place. I can no longer open car doors, office doors, and now shaking hands is a real booger. Nice to meet you. OUCH.

We head back. Debbie is extremely worried. I am still very much embarrassed. I feel like a dufus. I FELL OFF A CURB. I assure her. At the most it is sprained, please don’t worry. I wasn’t going to. And I didn’t. Back in Dallas, the swelling has not gone down. Now I am bruising down the inside of my arm. A friend comes by and sees it. He thinks I should have it checked out. Debbie is texting me, begging me to get it checked out.

Finally, I decide to go to the doctor just to make sure. I head to the CareNow clinic by Jason’s house. This is when I saw him again after a two month break, what a great excuse to see him. How could he resist? I was maimed. The doctor x-rays my hand after a quick diagnosis of movements. I could not lift my hand up, flexing from the wrist. (FYI-I was still able to text). She comes back into the room with the results of the x-ray.

“Do you think your injury is severe?”

I put down my phone with my right hand, stopping a text to give her full attention. I shrugged, “I think it’s sprained. I fell down. It’s really embarrassing.”

“Ms. Sims, your hand is fractured not just in one place but TWO.”

Oh yikes, suddenly my texting ability is gone (I switch to my left hand). My hand feels funny now. Not a good funny. “Are you serious????”

“Yes, I am. This is a very dangerous break. You have broken a carpel bone that has blood flow in it. If not properly casted in seven days the bone could die. You also have a buckle fracture to your radius bone in your forearm.”

WHAT? She slips a splint on. “You can take this off but don’t use the hand. It’s very important you see an Orthopedic doctor within seven days.”

Holy Moly. This is serious. I friggin’ BROKE my arm. My RIGHT arm. OMG!

Life as I knew it changed dramatically. I will ask you to try (just once) brushing your teeth with your left hand. Opening doors with your left hand. Pulling up, and buttoning pants ONE handed. And I won’t even ask you to try writing because..well, that’s just mean. I went from completely independent and freakishly strong to – a weakling. Not only a weakling, but a weakling incapable of the smallest tasks, a weakling incapable of the smallest tasks AT CHRISTMAS. Ahhhhhh!

And I am not going to kid you. It HURT like nobodys business. It hurt worse than anything should hurt. Not just pain, but an ache, a constant ache that no medicine could cure. I won’t go into the drama of getting it casted but let’s just say, two doctors, and a dozen frantic calls later. I get a cast. A cast that feels like it weighs FIVE pounds. A cast that I did NOT get to pick the color. It was yellow. Not just any yellow but like a highlight marker yellow. This picture does not do it justice.

I mean why not tape a caution sign to my back too. Let’s just announce what a hazard I am. Beep. Beep. Beep. Big yellow bus coming through. I always thought having a cast would be cool. NOT.

Well, I have to give myself credit. I can be pretty ingenious when I want to be. When I am faced wearing a bright yellow cast, I get ingenious. So, I decided to buy some fabric marker pens from Michaels and paint that sucker!

Here is the result.

Beautiful ain’t she? You could hardly see the yellow. I was pretty proud of myself. If I was going to get noticed for a cast, let it be for a purple one. Not a dang yellow banana!

I somehow learned to type (because my job depended it on it) with a casted right arm. I typed FAST. It was pretty incredible. It HURT horribly. My shoulders ached from the offset of the cast, then from having to hoist my arm up all day to type with the four fingers sticking out. At night was the only time I took a pain pill. I had to take baths. It’s really hard to scrub with just one hand. Go ahead, try squeezing soap, with one hand, on a buff or a washcloth. Nope, don’t cheat. ONE HAND. The other is in a cast wrapped in five plastic bags, you don’t even have fingers to use.

The simplest things were a challenge. Like washing my hair one handed. At first, I tried a friend washing my hair in the sink for me, but that did not work at all. Then, I figured out a system, in the kitchen sink, with small dixie cups filled with shampoo and conditioner. It worked quite well I thought.

Eventually, I got bored with purple. I thought..black would be better. Black goes with anything. Another portrait on my arm.

Yeah, uhh, black over purple over yellow. Eh. Not so good. You know what? Nothing I could do about it. I made it another week and colored it again. (well, first we tried to SAND the black off, then color it). I think my cast dang near FELL off from abuse. It didn’t. It ended up green. (yes I know I should have left it purple) In my defense, I was in a cast for SEVEN weeks. SEVEN.

My daughter and her boyfriend, so kindly, put up the Christmas tree. They hung every ornament. Every wreath. Every candy cane. They cleaned every week for me. They carried in groceries. Anything they could do to help me, they did. I can not even tell you what a blessing that was. There is not much worse than a broken arm, and the brokenness you feel as a person. To have two teenagers step up in compassion and care was truly amazing.

Last Christmas was NOT easy, but I will never forget the Timeless Deeds those kids performed.

Merry Christmas, may it be as bright and cheery as my yellow cast.

And just in case you wondered if a cast stopped me from trying anything fun……….I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment, toughness,heart, talent, guts. That’s what little girls are made of; the heck with sugar and spice.

-Bethany Hamilton-greatest female surfer of our time.

22 thoughts on “Timeless Deeds

  1. Peggy Nolan

    I liked the purple…and then the black over purple reminded me of those funky black lights we got as teenagers…

    How’s your arm these days? And the carpel bone that was broke?

    How many comments do you need to get to 1,000?


  2. suzicate

    Yes, you are a determined woman, glad you’re healed. Your kid and her boyfriend are awesome. BTW, I liked the purple cast best…it’s my favorite color. How long did it take you to color the cast with your left hand?


  3. Well, I was gonna say that at least you got a trip to Austin out of it, but sounds like you were in so much pain that you couldn’t have enjoyed in anyway, huh? Next time you and Debbie go, though, stop in a Chuy’s for dinner. Delish!


  4. I didn’t have a cast, but I had my wrist in a Ace bandage for three weeks with strict instuctions to not use my hand for anything. I couldn’t anyways cause my fingers had swelled up so bad I couldn’t move them. Yes, it is horrible to have to yell for hubby to come help me get my pants back up.


  5. Holly

    What an ordeal… sounds like you have wonderful children!

    My cousin severly broke his foot just jumping off the diving board a few summers ago… doc said it was a pretty freak thing… he said it was very painful… looks like you made the most of the situation…

    From the posts that i have read of yours sounds like you are a true fighter and not much gets you down 🙂


  6. Wow bless your heart. Why on earth didn’t they give ya a pretty color?? cheapskates..pllfftt.. I woulda been stubborn to about going to doctor, but I am glad ya did go. Hope your Christmas was blessed beyond belief.. found ya at SITS ..


  7. Angelia, you are too funny! I don’t think I would ever think of coloring my cast.
    I had a similar moment to yours. When I was a teenager we lived in Korea for a couple years (my dad was in the Air Force). We were asked to model in a hair show (don’t ask!). I knew my long, flowered gaucho pants (I’m almost too embarrassed to type that!) were a little too long, but I just wore them anyway. On the way to the car, I snagged them on my platform clogs (yes, I was a grungy, hippy chick), and fell flat on my back in the parking lot…but that wasn’t the worst part. At least noone except my mom and sis saw that. The worse part was when I did the same thing AS I WALKED INTO THE SHOWROOM PACKED WITH PEOPLE. That was pretty bad, but the only thing to sustain injury was my ego 🙂


  8. Ouch! Oh,dear! All those sudden moments- of pain, of hurts, of embarrassment, and most likely of having to fiend for yourself with one unreliable left arm- yet I didn’t read any of the word, “cried?”

    You’re more courageous than I thought, in both physical and emotional trials. I was rushed to a hospital by my friends in our parish choir early morning after mass last December 19, and when I came to, I cried!

    Ohhh, I’m embarrassed now. Please take care. Hoping to find more blogs from you, okay? Early recovery prayed for. In fairness, you look great in your cast- black, green or yellow!


  9. Peggy-I wasn’t able to get physical therapy to rehab my wrist (long story), so….just NOW a year later it is finally normal. I can lift things without pain. My carpal bone is fine. I type all day. Praise God!

    suzicate-I had to be determined. Single mom. Single income (at the time no child support). I was at a new job. I had to dig deep..it HURT. Purple was my fav too! It only took an hour or two luckily we were slow at work. HA HA.

    Frosted-Thanks for coming by!

    Melissa B-I wasn’t hurting too bad then. It hurt worse after they told me it was broken. LOL.

    Josie-All the girls were jealous of my purple cast!

    Mindy– I can totally see that! You’d have bell in your good hand to ring for service. HA.

    Doraz-Yah! I did too. I thought it’d be so cool. Had no idea how heavy and hard that thing was. Yikes!

    Heather-Oh ouch! Yep you know exactly what I’m talking about. Stinks!

    Holly-Ohmygosh! That is freaky. My teen is the best! I got really lucky.

    marfmom-By the time it was green that cast was nappy but I do love green. 🙂

    Angel-They DOC was a nut! You should have seen him when he cut the cast off. He had an evil gleam in his eye. Woah!

    Blond Duck-I did! Thank goodness that was last year.

    Jen-Ahhh! Nothing worse than falling. VERY hard on the ego. LOL. Thanks for sharing that!

    Senior-I cried all right. It hurt so bad. I am so glad you recovered and were not in the hospital at Christmas. My goodness! What a time you had! And thanks for the compliment and comment. 🙂

    Belleringer-HA thanks! I kept my co workers greatly entertained. It is not as strong and the bones healed deformed but it works and I’m so happy!


  10. wow your cast was probably every color of your bruise. That really sucked! Hope it’s well healed. Don’t you love when that cast comes off and you see your dirty, skinny, hairy arm and wonder how did it get like that in such a short time and what is that smell?


    1. My bruise went down my arm! It was uuuugly! The hair and dead skin was so nappy (didn’t smell too bad) but I could PET my arm. I was so glad when the hair went back to normal and I stopped looking like Sasquatch. HA!


  11. I know EXACTLY how you felt Angelia! I had that SAME cast on my right arm as well and I’m right handed too. I was also a Network Administrator at the time and typed all day. Kinda hard to do with a cast on. I even had to have my wife zip my pants up for me for about the first week. LOL

    Glad to hear you healed well!!! 😀


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