Arlington Museum of Art

It’s official.

The work has been hung on the wall with great care, in hopes that lots of art lovers, soon would be there.

I LOVE this museum, not just for our work on display, but for the graciousness of the board members and the heart of the volunteers who keep it open.

They do not charge any kind of admission fee to enter. The first and second floor are filled with art from local schools in the area.

And then….the rooftop gallery where our show is. It normally features local artists (or whoever rents it), but I hear they will be displaying Ansel Adams in the next year.

So! A wonderful place to check out now……and later.

Here are some photos I took of the walls.

Here is the museums website Arlington Museum of Art.

Here is our show invitation and reception.

Come see us at the Arlington Museum.
Come see us at the Arlington Museum.

We, we, we….we sooooo excited!

37 thoughts on “Arlington Museum of Art

  1. Wow! What an amazing exhibition it looks so huge and just beautifully laid out. I love your photographs and I just know everyone else who see’s them will love them too. You’re an amazing talent.
    Good luck to all you chicks who click.


  2. *clapping wildly*

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! A HUGE congrats to you and all the other ladies!!

    I clicked on each photo so that I could see them BIG and really enjoyed them. I especially love the logo photo of Chicks Who Click! And I think it’s awesome that this exhibition will be for 6 months.

    The best to you, Angelia.

    You GO, girl!



  3. Laura Bloomsbury

    some lovely works here (I like the cowboy in the dark entranceway) Would love to be part of chicks who click – fun name and a great group.


    1. Yes, the board member said that exhibit would show in the same gallery we have. It will display sometime next year, but that means we get kicked out. LOL. I guess that is okay for Ansel Adams work. 🙂


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