Nice to Meet You

Six weeks. This precious little baby is six weeks old.
© Angelia's Photography
This is one of her newborn photographs that I am (still!) working on. Why? Why? Why?

Why can’t there be enough hours in the day for all I want to do? Why do I have to get soooo distracted by dogs, walks, the store, TV, my husband, zumba class and workworkworkworkwork?

I mean those are not allll my excuses. At first, I couldn’t choose which photos I liked best and wanted to edit. Then…..I thought…..might as well wait to post any until the announcements go out. Well, guess what? I mailed the announcements today!

Accomplishments – 1. Excuses – 0.

© Angelia's Photography

But honestly, look at this face. This itty bitty witty face. I get absolutely zero editing done when I get to visit with her. The dogs are completely ignored. I almost forget to eat, because I can’t put her down. Can’t! The other grandparents think I spoil her to death and I do. I fully admit it. I am powerless.

So I put off editing to hold her. To look at her. And to wonder how she is even possibly my grandbaby. Then I pinch myself.

This weekend I enjoyed a slew of baby Averey time. More than 24 hours since Brandon and Sydney let her overnight with me. A weekend with Grammy! I loved it so. I had to stock up on Averey time since I will be traveling to Milwaukee next week. It’s quite possible a WHOLE week or more will go by before I see her again (cry!). I hope she doesn’t change too much.

© Angelia's Photography

As for my lovely blog. It’s not near over. I completed an upgrade today and will be posting more. Truth is, I want to post all the time. About her. About life. About everything. But a thought turns into a day, a day turns into a week, and the next thing I know….six weeks have passed.

Finally, I understand how being a grandparent ages you so quickly.

But, I didn’t just want to post about Averey and how happy I am to meet her and her to meet me. I also wanted you to meet a dear blogger friend of mine.

We go way back in blogspast and she is doing a meet the blogger series. I am her second blogger featured. Me! On her blog (of course, I had to share!). I am sooooo very honored. Especially since I have been such a crappy blogger of late.

Please pop over and give her a shout out from me. She is a talented Mom, photographer, videographer, business owner, and shopper – Jean at Jean Has Been Shopping. She does it all. Go meet her and meet me. Uhhh, again.Heh.

29 thoughts on “Nice to Meet You

  1. I believe you summed up being a Grandma/Nana perfectly! Your words are beautiful and I completely relate. That first photo is absolutely adorable! Cooking and cleaning can wait….babies can’t. 🙂


  2. “But honestly, look at this face. This itty bitty witty face.”

    Angelia, that little face is adorable!

    (((((( Avery ))))))

    The first shot that you took (with your watermark) is beyond awesome. You are SUCH an amazing photographer, my friend! You could be doing this for a living.

    And the shot of you and Avery holding hands is so precious!

    I know how busy you must be right now and understand. Just know that whenever you post, your fans will be here 🙂

    Have a super week, Angelia!


  3. Beautiful baby, beautiful moments! Congratulations to you and your daughter! Just wait until that precious little girl looks in your eyes and says “Grandma…I love you so much!” Melts your heart, every time! Until that wonderful moment, there are oh so many more in between, enjoy each and every one of them! Keep stocking up on Avery time, you won’t be sorry! 🙂


  4. Avery is blessed to have such a loving grandma. It will be amazing to see your journey and that of her family through your blog. The picture of you holding together is truly priceless. Wishing you and your family all the love, peace and joy.


  5. a beautiful blessing and your photographs are stunning. this is so exciting – i can feel the energy pop right out from your post! take care and safe travels to Milwaukee ♥ all the best to you and your lovely family…and growing up beautiful too! 🙂


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