Easter in Beast Mode – The 2014 Edition

This year was the year of beast mode during Easter and that didn’t quite equal out to the calm celebrations of years past.

See this year started with my husband having shoulder surgery on Good Friday.



If I had a dollar for every time a nurse, Doctor, or anesthesiologist mentioned how painful this surgery would be. Well, I’d have a big stack of bills to smack them with. Fear Mongering does not make for a Good Friday people.

But it happened.

We got to the hospital early in the morning. Waiting in the waiting room until they called him back.
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They got him all prettied up in his cap and matching gown (don’t you know he just loved me taking photos of the event). Soon after our mini photo shoot, they kicked me out of pre-op to put a nerve block catheter in his neck. Ick! Then prep him for the big show.

I watched via a color-coded monitor from the waiting room which stated by number and color where he was at all times….first pre-op (yellow), then surgery (green), and then recovery (blue). All in all we were in and out of the hospital in about seven hours…still….the after part? Not pretty. Not pretty at all.

Ouch. Painful could not even describe it. It was painful to even look at his arm, his tube, his bandages, or his face straining for comfort, his nauseousness from the medicines, and his listlessness from his body going through heck.

I had to watch him non-stop to make sure he didn’t need to go back to the hospital that first day and night. I texted my sister, the nurse, a zillion times describing symptoms or behaviors.

The next day we had the girls (our weekend). Luckily, Grandma and Papa Doug kept them until about three in the afternoon. That helped greatly because by then, he didn’t look near as scary (at least he was out of the hospital gown and in regularish clothes).

But it was Easter weekend and, of course, we had to color eggs….because….well I want to color eggs and that makes me make them color eggs. Heh. I don’t think they minded.

© Angelia's Photography 2014

I didn’t do egg coloring last year. Nope. I didn’t. Do you want to know why? I hate boiling eggs. Me, boiling water, and break-able food? Well, we don’t get along so well, but luckily, I heard about this thing on Pinterest of baking your eggs hard-boiled in the OVEN. Oh yeah. I rocked that.

© Angelia's Photography 2014

I managed the Easter baskets for the girls, Averey, and little goodie bags for my big kids, Brandon and Sydney. I didn’t get the girls too much because, frankly, we are in a massive clean-up and get rid of stuff mode. They have too much stuff crammed in their room and Sydney has too much stuff crammed in her room (that she doesn’t live in anymore). And I have way too much stuff crammed in the garage from my old house four years ago. So, we did a LOT of organizing in Sydney’s old room Easter Eve (making way for Bridget’s stuff) while Daddy slept to get better. The youngest claimed the previous Teen Occupant’s room by moving baskets of her clothes and toys into the already stuffed room and closet weeks ago. It’s a mess. And obviously, it is even more stuffed. We have a lot of work to do. But for now, all the teenage(y) jewelry, some clothes, CDs, stereos, and games have all been divvied up among the two little claimers (who were absolutely ecstatic over every little thing).

The next morning, we had to get ready for Church with Grandma. They wore their Easter dresses that Grandma bought them and they picked out. I will say that Molly could have picked a different style dress and she didn’t. She picked the same style but different size and color as her younger sister. Oh yes, she did! She twinned – totally on purpose – and I think it’s adorable.

© Angelia's Photography 2014

And of course, they are just gorgeous and magical in their Easter dresses. To look at them made me forgot about all the hospital recovery gunk, all the bedroom sorting box gunk, and all the mile-high garage gunk. In that one blissful moment, our celebration was their growing up and being these beautiful girls who love their Church and getting all dressed up on this special day.

I am not sure how much of this Easter my husband will remember so I did try to take lots of photos for him. I have a new camera. I am still learning it. You’d be amazed how different a new camera and all its settings and tweaks can be.

Lastly came the littlest of the bunch. Miss Averey on her first Easter. I had grand plans to set up the portrait backdrop and/or have her in the bluebonnets. But none of that happened. I just set her on the table-cloth and got down on the floor. Poor thing was wiped out by her first Easter, I could not get a single smile. Mom, Dad, and I all squeaked, gaggled, and clapped, but alas, Cute Baby just didn’t have it in her.
© Angelia's Photography 2014

She was super happy just worn out as it was late by then.

And ya know? I was pretty worn out too. Easter will do that, especially an Easter operated in Beast mode.

But I did it. I pulled off Easter with two girls, a new granddaughter, and a sick Poppy.

It was the first time in many years, we didn’t get to Church, but our hearts celebrated the Risen Christ with praise and prayers for Jason’s recovery.

Maybe next year, it will be more of our best mode, and less of our beast mode.

Hope you all had a very Happy Easter. Thank-you for being here. Thank-you for reading.

A Prayer of Thanksgiving

I wanted to share a poem I found online. It sums up what I wish and pray for all my readers, friends, and family.

My Thanksgiving Prayer to You

My Thanksgiving prayer
to you from me;
Is for love strong and true
that you hold within thee.

A heart that beats steady
and holds love within;
For your brothers and sisters
and all creatures by Him.

A soul that is worthy
of all of His love;
That is given to you
from the Heavens above.

Food on your table
that you thank the Lord for;
Friends to surround you
forever and more.

A house filled with love
and the light how it shines;
Showing all of its beauty
till the end of time.

Kindness towards others
for all of your days;
To be returned I pray
in many a way.

A good job to keep you
and pay all your bills;
That you spend it all wisely
and not on the frills.

A family around you
that is loving and true;
That you all stand together
for there are so few.

Children to bless you
if that is God’s will;
To cherish and nourish
so your life is fulfilled.

Dreams of pure beauty
as you lay there and sleep;
Through the peaceful night
when darkness is deep.

An angel to guide you
through morning and night;
To protect you and love you
till the end of your plight.

And last but most important
your love for God will shine through;
To the Heavens above
for He’s waiting for you.

Amen and God bless!


Judy N. Marquart
© November 2002

I hope you have a most fantastic Turkey Day. Mucho thanks to you all.

I Love Your Face!

Easter 2011 was a big success. Wonderful Church service in the Church my husband and I were married in. A hundred and fifty balloon launch after service. A delicious lunch catching up with family, watching cousins play. Hearing laughter, piano, and squeals. Watching the kids bang balloons, hunt Easter eggs, and blow out birthday cake candles (my oldest step-daughter is seven today).

I did my best to get some good pictures. But honestly? I haven’t figured out the trick of capturing running children, whose eyes are constantly down, searching for the golden egg. You know the one with chocolate money. These kids are so lucky! I didn’t find money eggs at their age. I found hard-boiled eggs crunchy from too many drops. And let’s not mention the ones we didn’t find….. until later when they were ripe, ripe, ripe! P-yew!

Truth is, my bum ankle isn’t spry enough to give me a very good support of going up and down in a rush. I am…uh…wobbly, to say the least.

Truly, the very best part of our Easter celebration? This face.

Happy making salad. Happy having a camera pointed at him. Happy to put up with my likes and dislikes, my fears and frustrations. Happy to take on a teenage daughter when his are still so little and years away from teenage(y) things like a long-haired boyfriend in a rock band.

Happy to hold our “littlest dog” in his lap and take her to the festivities when I know he still misses his big baby Cooper. Happy to be encouraging when I am sad about the little girls missing Church due to weekend visitations of divorced parents.

He always has a hand extended. A smile to brighten. A heart open to forgiveness and understanding. A demeanor of peace and innumerable patience (especially with communication gaps me).

I loved so many things about Easter this year. But, most especially, these two photos.

My favorites.

My dear husband….I love your face!

Speaking of faces – My iheartfaces photo challenge entry is in the page link above, or go here – Snow bound.

Wordful Wednesday: Engaging

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

So why not try some engagement photos? My cousin Tasha on Sydney’s dad side volunteered herself and her fiance as my latest victims.
You read that right, my first husbands cousin. I hate the ex-in-law terms and will not use that for any of his family. Period. These are my friends and FAMILY. It doesn’t matter to me that we are not supposed to get along.

I adore her mother and sisters just as much and I adored meeting her future husband, Jason. They got to meet my Jason and the little girls. It was wonderful to see them and capture their happiness and future.

They drove several hours to do this photo shoot. They put up with us shopping for furniture when they arrived. Then driving across town to Southlake and not to mention over 100 degree temps. Plus, Sydney and I were both sick with the head cold crud. Oh, and Jason doesn’t like having his picture taken (heh!).

Despite all that? We had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs. I am very, very happy for them. They are a beautiful couple.

Tasha starts nursing school on Monday. If you could send her some good vibes, happy thoughts, and prayers. It is a HARD two years. They will get married after she is finished.

Thank-you so much and happy Wednesday!

*I am still offering free sessions to get practice and portfolio photos, if I decide to start a side business. Seriously, take advantage.*