Wordful Wednesday: Engaging

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

So why not try some engagement photos? My cousin Tasha on Sydney’s dad side volunteered herself and her fiance as my latest victims.
You read that right, my first husbands cousin. I hate the ex-in-law terms and will not use that for any of his family. Period. These are my friends and FAMILY. It doesn’t matter to me that we are not supposed to get along.

I adore her mother and sisters just as much and I adored meeting her future husband, Jason. They got to meet my Jason and the little girls. It was wonderful to see them and capture their happiness and future.

They drove several hours to do this photo shoot. They put up with us shopping for furniture when they arrived. Then driving across town to Southlake and not to mention over 100 degree temps. Plus, Sydney and I were both sick with the head cold crud. Oh, and Jason doesn’t like having his picture taken (heh!).

Despite all that? We had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs. I am very, very happy for them. They are a beautiful couple.

Tasha starts nursing school on Monday. If you could send her some good vibes, happy thoughts, and prayers. It is a HARD two years. They will get married after she is finished.

Thank-you so much and happy Wednesday!

*I am still offering free sessions to get practice and portfolio photos, if I decide to start a side business. Seriously, take advantage.*