Friday Fragments

  • I got in the elevator. The doors closed. I stood there staring at the buttons, because – for the life of me – I could not remember which floor my car was on. That wouldn’t have been sooo bad, except it was the second time in the same day I did that. ::face palm::
  • Also the same day? I sent my husband a text that stated – I have ADD. It’s really bad and I can’t concentrate. I asked him what the cure was….his answer? Coffee and Chocolate. Ho boy!
  • Today marks the fifth day of driving Sydney to high school since the car accident that left her car-less. She was only almost late one time. It’s great for me. I feel like she is a freshman again. And that is exactly why it’s bad for her……during her Senior year. Seriously…yikes!
  • My second 5K race of the year is Saturday. I am doing it with (mostly) the same peeps that participated in the last one. We have become a true “team” (yay! team!). I expect all of us to beat our time by just a little bit. I am a brutal coach. PICK UP THOSE FEET!!
  • I went to my first Zumba class Wednesday night. I had NO idea what to expect. If I would get the steps, or just look like a bumbling two-left-feet-kind-of-gal. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. I did bumble. I almost lost my footing more than once, but in the end, I did get the steps down. Annndddd??? I made it through the entire class without dying. Plus, I could walk the next day. Yes, I will be going back. Turns out, I LOVE to dance.
  • I can’t believe next week is February. Someone…PLEASE…stop the clock. And just FYI, I always want to misspell February. Always.
  • Did I tell you my sweet husband bought me a brand new MAC? I looves it. We got a second desk in the office and now I have my very own MAC AND desk. I am the luckiest chic alive. The only bad thing? I haven’t moved my photoshop actions over. I really wish I didn’t love those actions so much.
  • I did not win tickets to Australia at the last airline event I attended. But now I am on quest to GET to Australia at some point in my life. It is even higher on the list now than Italy. I must GO someday. It is my destiny. I mean I did name my daughter SYDNEY.
  • Speaking of event, I got some FANTASTIC photographs of the 747 jumbo Qantas jet that flies from DFW to Sydney. I will post those later. I tried to be a stow-away. I totally did.

Me, Sydney bear, Mo, and Sal.
  • I only have a grip on the lovely Sydney Bear, because I am hoping he will take me back to Australia with him. It’s not like I have gun to his back. PLEASE TAKE ME WITH YOU!! It was a back-up plan (sorta). He is a cute bear!
Plan "A"
  • Plan “A” was to hide out in here, and hope no one noticed I was in the crew quarters bunk.

  • Unfortunately, the flight attendant found us. She said she was just making sure we were okay up there. Yah, riiiight.
  • So, I am still here….in North Central Texas. At least, it has been a nice winter. We got a good dose of rain and the temps have been in the 50-70’s. Can’t beat that.

Have a most fabulous weekend!!