On a Dark and Starry Night

On a dark and starry night… The night of the black supermoon (which we can’t see from here). The night of the Chinese New Year. On this black night, we trekked to the… Continue reading

What Love is…

When I started this post – What Love is. I planned to write about what love means to me. How special certain people truly are. How it’s not always the outpouring of words,… Continue reading

The Sweet Nothings of February

Love is in the air! It’s February. The month cupids points his little arrow and stabs you in the heart. And cupid got me, oh yes he did! His little arrow pierced me… Continue reading

When a Mockingbird Calls

I think you must answer… When walking by our big window, I noticed the cat notice some back-yard birds. She rushed to the window sill and crouches for the attack. Pretty sure, she… Continue reading

It’s Called a Meal Plan

My husband and I started this… Not a diet. Not a fast. Not a fad. Not a resolution. Not even a lifestyle change. Nope, not even that. It’s a MEAL PLAN. That means,… Continue reading

Another Happy Birthday New Year

Yes, I married a New Year’s Eve baby. I fondly call him the last gift of the year. He dislikes that his birthday is the same day everyone is partying for a different… Continue reading

Another Year Comes to an End – So long 2014

Well, here it is. Another year (year!) has passed by. This one as lightning fast as the last few years. But I am not going to stress about it. I think I will… Continue reading

Our Christmas 2014

Well, it happened and it happened fiercely. Christmas 2014. I will remember it as the Christmas I almost didn’t get the tree up. The Christmas I almost didn’t get the presents wrapped. The… Continue reading