A Year Later…

Follow my blog with Bloglovin How quickly life changes… From one week to the next…. From one month to twelve. And all the days in between. A stunning journey of growth as you… Continue reading

A City of Relics

The Daily Post at WordPress weekly photo challenge is to find your relic. The first thing that comes to mind is the fabulous and dying (but resurrecting) Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas.… Continue reading

Eightness is Greatness

The youngest step-girl is eight years old today. EIGHT. I don’t want to believe it, but since I watched her turn three, then four, then five, then six, and FINALLY, a staggering seven.… Continue reading

Friday Night Lights: Food Truck Style

Our local parks and recreation created a sensational show of food and entertainment when it invited food truck vendors to set up shop in our neighborhood. Food, fun, and family. The three F’s… Continue reading

Three Kitties and a Baby

Is there anything cuter? Recently, I got to take the grand baby and my two little younger girls to see three four-week-old kittens. And…OH MY WORD…four-week-old kitties are SO CUTE! And no, I… Continue reading

Father’s Day 2014

Most know, this is not the easiest day for me. I miss the two dads in my life more than anything. One not more than the other. Both leave a gaping hole in… Continue reading

That Extra Special Visit

Have I told you about my Mom? Former beauty queen, best preschool teacher in all of Oklahoma (in the 1980’s), former dog breeder of champion bloodhounds, super fun and carefree (although very strict… Continue reading

Room to Bounce

In March, we took the girls to Oklahoma to visit my mom for her 72nd Birthday. It’s not a far trip (only about 3 hours) and we usually make a day out of… Continue reading