Who had the right of way?

My side of the story

Cycling along to another BEAUTIFUL sunset, with pinks and oranges radiating through the clouds, I am towards the end of my lovely bike ride. I only have one more curve, under a bridge, then to cross the street, and be at Jason’s house (where my bike lives). My heart is full of gladness. I have, again, enjoyed the sights and sounds. My legs feel weak from the power of the ride, as they should, since I demanded their physical strength the last hour.

All is right with the world. I have pizza waiting for me, courtesy of MIB (Most Incredible Boyfriend), who I will just get to see, for about five minutes, before he begins a webX project review with his classmates. The Cowboys are playing, which is good, I can take or leave football. I KNOW! I am a bad girlfriend. I like football. I just don’t live for football.

I call this time of night -Bug Rally. Truth is, sometimes I make it to the rally, and sometimes I miss it. Either way, if I DO hit the bug rally, I just duck and come out OK on the other side (scouring later ugh). A few, down the hatch, won’t kill me or anything. No harm no, no foul, heck if I was a bug? I’d rally. It’s been raining for five, six? umpteen days in a row. They are happy. I am happy. Maybe not blue skies, but it’s NOT raining. YAY!

So, the question is WHO had the right away? I was on the PATH. I was on the RIGHT side. I was in my place. He came out of no where! Flying faster than the speed limit, mind you, and he did not YIELD. He just smacked into my eyeball like a kamikaze jet fighter.

I was blinded for a good 30 seconds. I debated ripping my contact out and tossing it on the ground (they are disposable), but I am BLIND, like really, really blind without them. I had a very busy street to cross. I haven’t been riding my bike too long. I, still, almost fall on sharp turns. Being one-eyed, I would definitely have problems.

So I sucked it up, blinking furiously, and trying not to gag. *a bug flew in my eye ball* I saw him coming towards me. I didn’t have time to react. He was no bigger than a spec, a green spec at that. * why didn’t I just shut my eye? *geez, did my eyes widen in surprise at seeing him flying towards me? actually causing the collision? *ahhhh*

I make it back to MIB’s. Tired, thirsty, and bug zapped. He is waiting for me at the door, with a towel and cold bottle of water. *see where I get his nickname*

I tell him about the mean, green flying bug machine. My eye feels like it still has some legs in it. I am hoping during the night, whatever it is, works its way out.

No such luck, the next morning, I awake to find my eye red and angry. I end up having to go to the eye doctor, who says, I have an infection because, bugs don’t wash their hands, and if they tag you in the eye at high velocity speeds, it causes some damage.

Now, you can see how it wasn’t my fault at all. I had the right of way, and that bug crossed the line.

The bug’s side of the story

Look here, this is MY land, my space, my universe. I LIVE here. Not some fancy giant, not paying attention, weaving and bobbing, on a metal wheel cart like someone was chasing her (and no one was!).

I’m all about your space, my space, but the zone, MAN, when you get in the zone it’s all about me. Dusk is MY TIME you are risking your body parts, invading our time, everyone knows that.

So, after the rally, I am living the high life. Up, down, in and out, flowers, trees, grass, and a dare bomb to the brink of a puddle then up and away. I got skills! No one can touch my super sonic speed. Other bugs DREAM of my power.

I am showing my bug stuff. A super hero of bugland. One of the greats of the season. I spiral, diagonally, through the meadow, over a sunflower, and onto a sidewalk. I AM THE OMEGA. &*(#/%

***************”OW!”**************”MY EYE!”********

ME: You hurt my eye.

BUG: You broke my nose.

ME: You were going the wrong way!

BUG: I’m a bug!

Disclaimer:The bug’s side- based on a true story but possibly not true.

12 thoughts on “Who had the right of way?

  1. Yea…I think the bug wins. His “flying lanes” were set up like, totally random while ours are paved. So, I’m sure he was in his designated area…I mean, not like he ran into another BUG going the opposite direction….



  2. Peggy Nolan


    I’m not supposed to laugh out loud in my cube because no one needs to know that I’m blog reading while I’m on yet another conference call! Too funny! I think the win goes to the bug…you did, after all, break his nose with your eyeball!


  3. blissbait

    somewhere in the woods
    the bug sips his beer and laughs
    his great victory

    Mwa haaaaa haaaaaa!

    Thanks for the laugh and I’m glad you lived to tell the tale! 🙂

    May All Beings Be Happy.


  4. Oh Angelia, I feel for you and your contacts. I too have contacts and ouch that would have hurt indeed.
    There you have all my sympathy.
    However, about right of way . . .
    When I look who is always bumping into whom?
    Do bugs have collisions with bugs?
    Do humans have collisions with humans and lots of other things? Hmmm.
    Goggles is the way to go, definitely and I too congratulate you to have survived that attack and to tell it with such grace.
    And for bumping into things, bugs, other humans, walls etc, that seems our lot for now 🙂


  5. Hey Angelia,
    Those little buggers!!!! For some reason, I’m thinking he felt the pain worse than you did. On the other hand, how did he NOT see you?!?!? Maybe he’s the one who needs the contacts! Me? I almost always wear sunglasses when I bike – and this is a big part of the reason why!


    1. Lance, I am a new outside biker (spin class before). The sunglasses are a great idea, it was pretty dark when I got back, but maybe part of the way. 😎 Little buggers won’t know what hit em! Ha!


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