Random Awesomeness

Last night, sitting in the recliner with Jason’s oldest daughter, age five, playing Italian words off my 24/7 Italian app on iPhone. She repeated each word perfectly. She even rolled her R’s. I love this kid. She is awesome. I can’t wait to take her to Italy, for Italia-awesomeness.

Jason’s youngest daughter who is three, with no prompting, throwing her arms around me saying, “I wuv you.”  And always, always pooching her lips up for a good-by kiss when I leave. A child’s love awesomeness.

Sydney cooking cheese enchiladas for her Spanish class fiesta. I sure didn’t teach her how to cook, but she just loves to. Breaking the cycle awesomeness.

My mom coming for Thanksgiving, FOR REAL. Awh-SOME! Oh, and bringing her famous cheese balls. Nummy food awesomeness.

Jason buying a new mattress, and a new nightstand for the guest bedroom in his house. Doing it for my mom when she visits  for Thanksgiving. Taking her out for Sushi, putting up with her five dogs.   Full throttle – oh my heart – awesomeness.

Still tucking Sydney in to bed, at age fifteen, shhh don’t tell her friends. That last kiss and hug is my nightly being a mommy AWESOME-ness.

Heart swelling up when I get a thank you call from Carter Bloodcare about my donation. I get to hear a blood recipient detail their story of how a blood donor saved their life. Tear jerking awesomeness.

Wearing Jason’s pajama pants in the winter while running around my house. Thinking of him in my pure comfy awesomeness.

Volunteering in the Church nursery, playing with three boys when in struts  a two year old diva wearing these. Pink Texan boot kicking awesomeness.

Petunia flower pot in my driveway blooming in November. One-of- a- kind, never say die awesomeness.

A short blog post from me – hated by spell checker – bloggedy  blog AWESOME-ness.

Have a most AWESOME,  Thanksgiving Eve!

May all, and I do mean ALL, your foodie dreams come true.

16 thoughts on “Random Awesomeness

  1. Don’t you love finding so much ‘random awesomeness’ in life?! It’s wonderful. And you find the awesome in not only the big things but the small as well.
    Have a super terrific (my generations’ ‘awesome’) and blessed Thanksgiving.


  2. A Thanksgiving Limerick, DC-style:

    I just heard that two turkeys’ demise
    Was avoided, to their great surprise.
    The big turkey in power,
    In the eleventh hour,
    Gave them pardon, along with the pies.

    Hope you and yours have the Happiest!
    (And no, I did not write that limerick…but I did Google it!)


  3. Thanks for stopping by today…i have finally had some time to stop by and see you. I loved finishing my Thanksgiving with reading how you find wonderful gems in an every day occurrence. Random awesomeness is awesome in itself.

    on another note…i just returned from a trip to italy and posted about some of the most amazing people we met. You might enjoy some of it….

    I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving…and I will stop by again.


  4. Lance-Thank you. Coming from a very awesome person, who writes awesome, this means a lot. Comment joy awesomeness!

    Weezer– I do! I love finding it all around me, it sure is a great way to view the every day. Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving!

    Alice-Thanks so much for coming by – awesome – I loved your poem. I will definitely visit again. 🙂 Eat too much? Oops too late.

    Melissa– Very funny limerick, even if you didn’t write it. Thanks for taking the time to come by and make me laugh.

    Flory– I know right? Don’t tell her it’s not “the norm”. Three year olds are magical enjoy and keep tucking that baby in!

    Christy-Anything Italian I am all about. Can’t wait to read it. I just loved your cabin.

    Mindy-Hi Mindy! Glad you thought it was awesome. Awesome that you read it, and felt good awesomeness. For some reason, I want to add gnarley dude!

    Blond Duck– Cute name 🙂 I was in foodie heaven and beyond, if only it was every day – I’d need a truck to haul me around! 🙂 I know! I want some of those boots.


  5. Well, I was going to say something about fairies when I got side-tracked looking at your “What I’m Reading”. I love fairies. I love crosses. And I ‘specially love dragonflies. I think Dragonflies are the most perfect combination of fairies and crosses. Ever notice that?


  6. Weezer– I never thought of them that way. That makes perfect sense. Very cool! I got my mom the neatest perfume bottle dragonfly. I will definitely look at them in a different light. Thanks for sharing that!

    Bliss– Thank you for bright comments. You are such a beacon of warmth and happiness.


  7. Your blog post= awesomeness!!! So many things to be thankful for and topping that list is knowing other people who appreciate the little awesome things too. =]



  8. Kristi

    That’s it. You’ve inspired me to look for random awesomeness throughout the day. Love your blog. So glad I stopped by.
    Thanks so much for stopping by mine.

    Kristi, Hello…Is This On?


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