It’s a Bloggy Bling Parade!

What better way to celebrate my 100th post, than to proudly display my awards in all their glory. It’s a parade of wonder. It’s a parade of fun. It’s a parade of blogs and thanks and cheers all around. I am sure I did not properly follow the rules by hoarding them to my 100th post. I apologize, since these are my FIRST bloggy awards ever, I hope you let me slide.

I am so blessed by the blogging community. By the wonderful bloggies I have met and the future bloggies I will meet. You are all precious to me! Your stories, your hearts, your laughter, and your love, each unique, each astounding. I am awed by your talent and contribution to all things blogging. But most especially, for being so supportive of me. I am excited about our future blogging and where our blogs will go.

And now, without further delay, begin drums, blow the horns, and commence marching!

This was my very first blog award. Presented to me by a very talented artist. Not only is she brilliant in paint and prose, but she is one of the sweetest, caring hearts I’ve ever met. Thank you Bliss Bait.

The rules are to pass on to 15 people. In no particular order, these are the blogs I’ve read the longest on a daily basis. Links open a new window.

1. Jessica, Booshy. Real life told with the crass we all think (don’t deny). She cracks me up with all that happens to her. Great stuff! (if you don’t mind some curse words).
2. Josie, Yum Yucky . My foodie friend. Her greediness makes me feel normal. Her posts are so creatively funny and informative.
3. Lance, Jungle of Life. What a HUGE inspirer he is. Everywhere he goes, he leaves happiness and light as footsteps. You can’t help but be affected by him and his blog.
4. Peggy, Serendipity Smiles. Peggy’s real life journey of overcoming, not just reaching the top, but coming out swinging and kicking her way to a black belt in life and love. Incredible! Not to mention, a best-selling writer in my book.
5. Wilma and Ann-Marie, Wilma’s Blog. Women living life differently. Inspiring women to change the norm, and really understand how to make a difference. The posts and comments are worth reading again and again. What great works they do.
6. Mindy, The Suburban Life. Witty, interesting, and fun. I love reading her days. I love how she writes.
7. Emily, A Sacrifice of Praise. When I need some soul food from the Bible. I go here. What devotion she instills in everyday life.
8. Peedee, Queen of the Dogs. My Floridian friend with labs that I love and a Cowboys fan too! She is a riot and a kid at heart like me.
9. Weezer, Weezer’s Haven. Life stories past, and present. Adorable grand babies, giveaways, and interesting info. She is dear to me and I love her dragonflies.
10. Heather, Welch Happenings. I love her laid back life with never a dull moment. She has dial-up in the sticks and still she blogs and comments. That is true dedication.
11. Peggy (again), The Step Mom’s Toolbox. She has been a Godsend to me as I step carefully (and fearfully) towards the wonderful world of step motherhood (aka-the hardest job in the world). Without her, and her resources, I’d be lost.
12. My kashi,  My Kashi Diet. A journey to weight loss. A journey to self. A very dear person, I support whole heartedly. She has been absent and I do miss her.
13. Jenera, Just me. Don’t let her fool you. This girl has great courage and takes life ON. She is accomplishing dreams and has done more this year than I have in many years with two small children in tow and a husband on the road. Amazing!
14. Jenny, Flying Icarus. Fun spirited, happy, and beautiful. I love to laugh with her. She has been absent lately too, and I think she needs some bloggy love.
15. Spot, What passes for sane on a crazy day. Great writer. Her conversations with her family are so funny. I think we can all relate to the “non-normalcy” in our own kind of way.

No you are not seeing double. I got two awards – thanks to Suzicate, The Water Witch’s Daughter and Heather, Welch Happenings.
Thank you both!! I enjoy reading your daily entries about your life.

Rules are to share seven traits about yourself and pass it on.

1. Stubborn.
2. Loyal.
3. Compassionate.
4. Giving.
5. Friendly.
6. Positive.
7. Happy. (yes, this is really how I am)

Since it’s 2010, and it’s a 2009 award I have chosen not to pass it on.
Blog award fail. In my defense, I just noticed it said 2009.

Hey, there’s no crying in parades unless you’re scared of clowns. On we go to my next award. She is a purdy one!

From Weezer, Weezer’s Haven.. She awarded this to me the week my Dad died. It was sweet in more ways than you know to receive when I needed it the most. By the way stop by and congratulate her for stopping smoking. I believe it’s been about three months.

Rules are to tell 10 things about myself that may or may not be common knowledge, then pass it on.

1. I’m the youngest of four children. I was such a brat growing up my two older brothers figured out the only way to stop me from tattling was to make me do what they were doing. This included chewing tobacco, and taking a drag off a cigarette. I couldn’t tell anymore, because I did it too. They were scary smart.

2. My step dad was a computer programmer and college professor. He instilled in me a curiosity of gadgets. I love all things technology and am eager to figure them out. I have a new toy I just got. I am so pumped! It’s going to be revealed very soon!

3. I was on Facebook when it was still mainly for college kids.

4. I have traveled to Mexico, Canada, Aruba, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, St Thomas, St John, Dominican Republic, and all over the USA with all of California being one of my favorites (so far). But I really want to visit Seattle.

5. I moved to Dallas, Texas a few months after I turned 18 years old. I lived on my own without any help from my parents (ever). I worked hard and earned my way by working 40+ hours a week.

6. I am named after my Uncle Angel, but my big sister wanted to name me Leah. Mom got creative and named me Angelia. However, I grew up being called Angie.

7. I love talking and learning about people and their lives.

8. Jason asked me to marry him December 18, 2009. Although I’ve been married twice, this was my first real proposal on bended knee with a ring.

9. My daughter Sydney is the coolest, most beautiful 15yr old daughter in the world. I still pinch myself not believing that she is not a “normal” teen and wondering how I got so lucky when I was such a bad one.

10. I have worked in the travel industry for over twenty years. I still love it.

A new friend whose story of her baby son touched my soul, Kellene, Remembering Leo. Bring your hankie and honor this sweet boy.

To one of my first readers to say, “I LOVE your blog and it is the highlight of my day.” That really warmed my heart. Thank you so much. You deserve this more than you know.
Belleringer, Stadium of my heart.

A wonderful mother and blogger who just recently went on a trip to New York City with her adorable children. Jen, Post Modern Jen.

And the last blog that gives me the warm fuzzies, Mommy Bear, The Bear Bunch, great photos and giveaways, plus who doesn’t love bears.

Next in line, a happy award. Yay!

Another double award!
From Peggy, Serendipity Smiles. And from Jen, Post-Modern Jen.

The rules are:

1. List 10 things that make you happy.
2. Try to do at least one thing on the list today.
3. List 10 bloggers who brighten your day.
4. Those of you to whom I give this award are to link back to my blog and perpetuate the happy with your own lists and recipients and whatnot.

Ten things that make me happy:
1. Laughing.
2. Playing with my future step daughters, Molly and Bridget.
3. Tucking Sydney into bed at night.
4. Getting hi-five with both paws from my dog Salem. Coolest trick on the planet!
5. That first cup of coffee in the morning.
6. Jason’s hugs.
7. Getting a new comment.
8. Reading an amazing blog post that tugs my heart.
9. Discovering unending uniqueness and inspiration by fellow bloggers.
10. Receiving bloggy award love and passing it on.

Ten blogs to pass it on to:
1. Kellene, Bella Lucia Photography, talented photgrapher and writer.
2. Suzicate , The Water Witch’s Daughter , hilarious stories, especially about her husband Dirt Man.
3. Jaymie, Jaymie Thorne’s Personal Musings, poetry, reflection, and thoughts. I always enjoy my visits.
4. Lisa-Jo, The Gypsy Mama. I feel like I know her, but I think it’s because she has been so many places. Fascinating blog!
5. Holly, My Bubbled Mess. She just moved and need lots of extra love on her blog. We ALL know how tough moving is.
6. Terri, Massage by Terri. She is so supportive of her commenters. She posts some great videos. I love how her blog evolved.
7. Jenny, Scented Pixels. Extremely talented artist. Sweet disposition and she has a cute new puppy named Jiggy.
8. Lita, Senior Debutante. Wisdom, and history with a wonderfully centered and beautiful lady filled with heart.
9. Deia, Deiala. My friend from across the pond. She is a delight to me in all things German and hip.
10. Hurley Burley Girl, A Star Danced, and Under That I was born. She has the most wonderful short stories. They make me laugh, and cry.

The rules for this are similar to the previous: state five things you like to do, and pass it on to five friends. (Please let them know they received the awards with a comment or email).

1. Play Wii.
2. Anything iPhone related.
3. Photograph kids, and dogs.
4. Eat Sushi.
5. Savor a glass of red wine.

Passing it along to:
1. Luisa, Doraz says. Fun all around and her smile is contagious!
2. Blond Duck, A Duck in Her Pond. She loves cookies, and stuffed animals. We are soooo much alike! Except she writes fantastic stories that amaze me with imagination. I always get sucked right into them. Very talented and fun.
3. Lori, Escape to Joyceland. Always good for a laugh. You just never know what she will come up with but it will be baby wipe clean.
4. DJ Kirby, Chez Aspie. I love her tweets. She is a very successful writer and funny too.
5. Bliss, Bliss Bait. If I haven’t mentioned her talent, let me remind you. Poetry, pictures, and true genuineness.

FROM DORAZ Rules are:



1. Christy, Tales of the Toot. Aiden’s cross is their cross, but where many chronic families find themselves as well. I love her attitude of gratitude in this post.

2. Tess, The Bold Life. She doesn’t write a bad post. She will change your life in a bold way.

3. Karen, A Peek at Karen’s World. I love her weekly themes. She just got a fabulous new hair do! Very cute!

This award was awarded by Purple Hatter to everyone on Doraz, Believe in Yourself blogroll.

I will end this parade with the same award – which is very adorable and creative – to everyone on my blog roll as well. If you want it, don’t be shy. Award yourself! I did. 🙂

Hope this parade has brightened your day as much as mine. You just got showered with candy and confetti!

HAPPY 100TH POST!! (and many, many more)

47 thoughts on “It’s a Bloggy Bling Parade!

  1. Peggy Nolan

    I’m the first to comment…and celebrate your 100th post! YAY! Horray! I’m throwing confetti at you…

    Oh…you left me an award, too? And it’s a double…I’m humbled, honored, and oh my gosh…you like me, you really like me (ok, that’s my best Sally Field…how’d I do?)

    Rock on Angelia…can’t wait to read the next 100!!




  2. 1st – You deserve EVERY award you’ve gotten and more.

    2nd – Its an honor to (get to) know you and its a joyous journey.

    3rd – Why ya wanna make me cry?? Thank you a bagillion times for the award. I’ve never received one and you made my day, hell my week, shit, my MONTH!!

    Thank you Angelia. Congrats on your 100th post and heres to 1,000 more!


    Oh, GO COWBOYS!!! We got it this year, I can just feel it!


  3. WOW! YES! TERRIFIC! SPECIAL! I just got home and had a chance to come visit! CONGRATS TO YOU! You have done an outstanding job with this post! I love all the attention to detail! I love the way you presented EVERYTHING! Thanks! I am honored to be given an award. Thank you! I will be happy to pass it on and mention this to all my readers! Have a great week, and keep up the great work you are doing! 🙂


  4. Hi Angelia, well you sure know how to throw a party!

    My eyes are reeling with all that you are writing here and all the awards that are appearing AND all what you have accomplished.
    It certainly has been a year for you, I love how you have shared and let us be part of it all.
    And now I know even more about you and your blogging world and it all confirms that you are amazing.

    Angelia, I am sure I will be here for your 1000th post, we are always aiming high, you, Ann-Marie and I.
    Big, big hugs from us, Wilma


    1. Oh Angelia, what a celebration, you sure know how to party girl. Congratulations on your 100th post!

      You generously invite everyone to come along to share in your wonderful achievements and then you pay it forward with such love and abundance. So you!
      Something tells me we ain’t seen nothing yet from you, you’re only getting warmed up and that is so exciting.
      Keep going girl. You rock!
      Much love

      P.S. with a party of this calibre, I can only imagine what your wedding to Jason will be like. Awesome!


  5. You have certinately had a great year in the bloggyworld, just goes to show how much we all enjoy being a part of your world and having you in ours. You are a terrific writer and very entertaining.

    Congrats on all of your awards, very well deserved!

    Thank you so much for giving me an award. It does warm my heart to know you are my friend.


  6. I absolutely LOVE this parade! but does it come with a buffet?? Where’s the buffet? hehe

    So many awards! I’m impressed. And so very, very thankful for the kinds words you said about the Yum Yucky.

    Here’s to your 200th post and all of those in between!


  7. suzicate

    Thank you so much. I am honored and humbled. Congrats on your 100th post. I have nine more to go! I am looking forward to checking out all of these blogs.


  8. First off- Congratulations on your 100th post and all your blog bling!! You definitely deserve every last one of them. Um, I did my post yesterday before I read yours today and I also gave you the “happy” award. Lol. So there you go. You just got sprinkled with fairy dust one more time!!

    Thank you for giving me an award! I may hold it for a couple of days though. Since I just did awards yesterday. I don’t want to overdo…Lol. But I sincerely appreciate receiving it. You rock!





  10. Hey Angelia!

    Woohoo!!! Number 100!! YOU are amazing and awesome and filled with so much love for life!! And WOW!! Does that all shine through magnificently today!

    It’s great being here and celebrating today with you. And even more than that, it’s been great getting to know you over the last several months!

    I’m deeply touched by your wonderful words today. Angelia…you indeed DO live out those first five letters of your name beautifully…

    2010 will be an incredible year!!


  11. Misty-eyed here. I’ll bookmark this one. But I’ll employ help from my daughter who assists me on technical concerns. Might take a little time, but I will.

    My goodness! I enjoyed your posts and I got my name here? That’s double award for me! This is a great push at a time when I seem lost in the tangle of ideas. I can’t have enough that I just keep the happy experience of knowing others out there- here- in my heart. The first etched forever, is your name, ANGEL.

    I’ll pray for your continued success. I’ll pray for all the bloggers who had become a part of it. I’ll do a lot of visiting from here. Cheers!

    Tutut! Tutututut!- Pop the champagne for our DIVA BLOGGER- ANGELIA SIMS !

    Love you, young Lady! Good Bless You, Jason, Sydney, Molly, and Bridget.


  12. ohmygosh makin’ me tear up! 🙂
    1) this is a fantastic 100th post! congratulations! 🙂
    2) you deserve all those awards (but you knew that ;)) and i love all the fun new stuff we know about you now 🙂
    3) i can’t believe you gave me an award! 🙂 its my first one ever! i feel special and loved 🙂
    4) you continue to be the highlight of my day 🙂
    5) new fun blogs for me to explore 🙂
    6) you have no idea how much this made me smile, thank you for being apart of the blogging community, your light shines through everything you say and do 🙂
    7) apparently i’m on smiley overload mode.

    thaaaaannnnnnkkkkkk yooooooooouuuuuu again! =D


  13. Goodness! What an amazing party!! Thank you for inviting me to celebrate your 100th post, the awards you received, and the awards you have bestowed. I am honored to be part of such a wonderul group. Lead on (in a conga line sort of fashion)!


  14. You scoundrel! This is an amazing post. It must have taken you for-ev-er to put it all together. Thank you for the award. I love awards! I love comments!
    You’re the best. I love your commentaries. You’ve got a great way with words!!

    I’ve got to ask. How, exactly, do you pronounce your name? My Angelia is like……angela. Like it doesn’t have the ‘i’. I must have been on some really strong medicine post-partum. I don’t have a clue why I stuck that in there.


  15. Happy 100th post and I hope to be wishing you a happy 100th birthday some year. That sure is a lot of awards you’ve been given! Thank you for mine and I’ll post it up one lazy Sunday. xo


  16. Heihei Angelia!
    Happy 100th post and congrats for all those awards!
    And huge thanks for the blog award. I’ve got a post waiting in the line to be published later today about this topic!

    Take care! Deia


  17. Dear Angelia,
    How lovely to visit your blog. Do you remember when you made a comment at my blog-–when Suzanne Toro was a special guest. Bare Naked Bliss? Well, you won the drawing for her book! So if you would like to email me through the contact box on my personal website: and give me your address, I will mail it to you. Congratulations!


  18. Pingback: I got an award! « Deiala

  19. Wow! I am blown away by all your comments. My 100th post would not even be possible without all of you! And now you have made this one extra, extra special. I am thrilled and humbled and deeply touched.

    Cheers and hugs to you all! 🙂


  20. wow – what a blog roll girl! thank you – I’m so flatered… I never know what to do with these awards… but thank you so much! missed ya these past few weeks – but happy to be back – and happy to see that YOU are doing sooo well! happy 100th!!!


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