When the Christmas Cactus Blooms……

It must be close to Christmas time.

My cactus burst into bloom a few days ago. I was so surprised to see the gorgeous pink blooms.

There are tons of buds as well.

I think it’s enjoying its favorite time of year.

I think I’m enjoying it too.

Thank-you Christmas Cactus. You bring Christmas joy to my heart.

At Christmas play and make good cheer, for Christmas comes but once a year.

Thomas Tusser

16 thoughts on “When the Christmas Cactus Blooms……

  1. My grandmother had numerous Christmas cactuses (I know it’s probably supposed to be cacti, but I couldn’t make myself type that–of course typing it to say I couldn’t type it is obviousy not the same as typing it–at least not to my exhaustion-adled brain), most bloomed this time of year, but she had one stubborn one that bloomed every June. It drove her to distraction.


  2. Lovely! I have an old cactus that I have had for years. It starts blooming around the end of October and will go through early spring. It’s amazing! Here, living in the gray climate that I am not at all used to, I am so grateful for its bright fuchsia color. Your photos are wonderful! I love the red!


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