Taking Out the Dogs (Sundays In My City)

We have lived in our house (together) for almost two years.

The backyard is GORGEOUS. There is a big section of open land that runs up a hill behind us.

It makes for a nice mini-oasis in a big city.

The guy at the top of the hill owns it all and he won’t build on it.

The backyards on our block and the next over face this “meadow” and, like us, don’t have fences either (because it is too pretty to block). Unlike us, most of them don’t have dogs.

So morning, evening, and late evening you can find us taking the dogs out. Keeping track of them as they run pell mell here and there, sniffing out phantom squirrel trails, and hitting the potty (sometimes) OUTSIDE the lines of our yard. Oh no!

Or they might end up disappearing from view, going MIA, or “friending” all the neighbors sitting outside on their decks (who may not like ENORMOUS DOGS in their yard at night). All this causes much tromping, hollering, and venturing out at all hours, up the hill, through the meadow, and over to the next block (if necessary).

But it was worth it for the view. Riiiight?


Honestly? I couldn’t keep my eyes on all four dogs, much less leash them all, or give up an hour to take them out one-by-one – three to four times per day.

The entire ordeal (especially in the morning) became downright exhausting.

I say all this in hopes that when I tell you WE GOT A FENCE! It will truly reverberate into your brains how ECSTATIC we really are over such a simple thing.

We have an adorable gate on the side of the house (we will be getting back gate too).

It’s only about four feet in height.

We still have our view since it’s a shorter fence.

Anna is wondering…what the heck that is?

And why she can’t take off running?

Fred says…it’s a FENCE to keep me in. And mostly that is true. See Fred is not off-lead trained and he is the WORST at seeing you look away for a second and taking off. He found the front of the house, and crossed the busy street faster than I could BLINK. Holy Moly!

Salem doesn’t seem to mind it. But then again, she is ten years old. Snoozing is more her speed.

And Brownie barely moves from the back porch.

So now you are updated on our new editions (fence and dogs). And can you believe Brownie is two years old now?

I, also, updated the Furry kids tab if you want to take a look.

Hope your Sunday in the City is as awesome as ours….

Unknown Mami

23 thoughts on “Taking Out the Dogs (Sundays In My City)

  1. Four dogs would be too much for me. Currently we are no dog but we did have one some years ago. I have grand-dogs now so if I feel the need for dog walking I have that option. It looks like you have a good amount of room in your neighborhood for that many dogs. Also you care enough about your dogs to take them for walks. However our neighbors now have 4 dogs and the latest one is vicious. This German Shepard leaped the fence and attacked a couple walking their dog. Luckily the neighbors son ran to get the dog back before anyone was harmed. But it was a scary event. These neighbors should probably not even have one dog. Over the years (10 or so) I have never seen them walk any of their dogs ONCE.


  2. Congrats on your new fence. I only have one Lab, but I think she appreciates her fence. That way she can act all fierce around the squirrels and not have the other dogs laugh at how much of a scaredy cat she really is.


  3. Liz and I just love those dogs. . . They are so cute! I also love your second photo. IT’s so cool!

    I also wanted to say: Why bless your daughter’s step momma’s heart. Isn’t she just Darlin’. ((that’s a statement in South 🙂 )) For thinking Y’all is a bad word when we all know . . .Hey, All y’all is proper in South especially when we want to address every single person in the room ~ and Y’all is the only way to go when addressing a few people and there just might be one or two you really didn’t want to say Hey to anyway. . . This is because we in the South are polite people. What do they know in Massachusetts anyway. ((another statement.)) 🙂 LOL!!!!

    ***Half my family lives in Massachusetts. ~ My parents where born there. Your comment gave me such a chuckle!!! Joining your blog ~ because we both know Y’all is plural and proper! LOL!



  4. First of all, I bow to you in keeping up with four dogs ~ I have two German Shepherds and that is more than enough to keep me busy. And to think about not having a fenced in yard, well just thought exhausts me. In CA everyone has a fenced in yard and I always wondered what people did with their animals who had these big open yards. It definitely gives you a peace of mind to know that your animals can be outside and everyone is happy.


    1. The first time they went out…they stopped on the back porch waiting for me. I pointed to the yard and said “Potty!” They just stood there like what???? And waited and waited for me. It was funny! They were always very safe, within eyesight, and obeyed on command. Every so often, there was a problem, but this is SO much better.


  5. I love that the fence is Fred Color! Congratulations on the new addition – as someone who spent years running after my dog in our neighborhood, I appreciate the need for one. Love the photos, as always.


  6. They are all so adorable! I can’t believe it’s been two years! I really wish we had a fence sometimes because Chorizo is the same way. He will take off in a heartbeat the minute you let down your guard.


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