Hot, Prickly, and Beautiful.

I’m talking about the desert, of course.

A desert I visited for the first time.

It was for my birthday trip (the big 4-0). A week-long whirlwind vacation paradise that I didn’t get a chance to post about – I can’t believe it’s been a year – until now.

And a year ago tomorrow, this is where I welcomed a new century. My day of 40 in the beautiful desert of Palm Springs.


A desert is a place without expectation.
-Nadine Gordimer

Now you have seen where I spent the first half of my special day. The next half, I spent on a mountaintop.

To be continued……

31 thoughts on “Hot, Prickly, and Beautiful.

  1. Angelia, I loved these pictures. I have never been to a desert before. But I always love the beauty of a desert. It’s like a completely different world. Is n’t it? I hope you had a wonderful time there. Looking forward to the next part.


    1. It really is a different world. The photos don’t describe the quiet of the desert. It is something I didn’t expect. I almost didn’t want to disturb it. And those giant windmills were amazing.


  2. I love the contrast of the stark and the beauty. And the reminder of energy waiting for us – if we are willing to look for it. (the windmills) That has meaning in so many ways. I may ask to borrow one of those pictures for a post sometime.
    Thanks for sharing your special day (a whole year late!) with us. Happy Birthday again. Enjoy every second… but of course, I am pretty sure you are with me on the “enjoy every second” theme for all of life.
    Maybe you can share the pictures of this year’s celebration a little sooner. But first, sit back and relax. Blessings!


    1. You are right. There is so much meaning in those windmills. I was really disappointed last year because I didn’t capture the true essence of them. The power and height of those pillars in the eerie dessert silence with their whisper swish of the gigantic blades. They are very majestic. I am working today. But I am enjoying my day. Year of the 41 feels real GOOD and it’s nice to go back and appreciate this trip. 🙂


  3. I am reading your posts in reverse order, because I am behind – again. The tram has changed, but the view remains the same. The desert is such a rough and rugged place, with a beauty unlike anything else. But Palm Springs in summer? For me, that’s agony.


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