Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

Hmmmm..something is not right with this picture. That doesn’t look like your average garden gnome.

I think someone got lost.

Way lost.

Yes, I’m talking to you.

You are not the garden gnome I imagined gracing my blooms.

Not even close.

Of course…….it’s better than a skunk or a mole, but not quite as cute as a bunny.

Although, your bushy tail is VERY charming. And your adorable twitchy nose gives me fits.

Maybe I dislodged your treasure when I planted new flowers today?

I apologize.

How RUDE of me to actually use MY garden.

I know.

Surprised me too.

No hard feelings…..mkay?

And Happy Hunting!

The challenge this week is WRONG. Check out what other wordpress bloggers are picturing wrong at The Daily Post.

33 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

  1. Aww cute. You know we don’t have squirrels here. We are squirreless. We do have mongoose though but you wouldn’t want one of those in your yard, oh hell no. Love and I need to check out this weekly challenge thing (I finally know how to throw my dslr into manual but I have a loooonnng way to go before I can shoot pretty pics like you).


  2. Ahihihihihi. I always always enjoy their movements. I love it when they get so close. Just throw them some nuts and they come at you. Sometimes though, too much demand that hey actually bother you.


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  4. Around here if we “dislodge” a squirrel treasure we get a firm, loud, long scolding. The first time it happened I thought there was something wrong with the squirrel. He barked at us for twenty minutes. I kept asking my husband if there was something wrong with the squirrel. After ten minutes, I said, “Honey, there is something wrong. He is very angry. What did you do? Did you move his nuts?” Because I had just heard that squirrels can remember 50 different locations where they bury stuff. He said no. Five minutes later, while the squirrel was still barking, my hubby said, “Oh, wait! I was out there digging (gardening/whatever) and I did find a few nuts. I just took them out of the ground and tossed ’em in the yard.” It was quite entertaining.

    Your squirrel looks a bit put out!


  5. Squirrels are entertaining to watch, but I lose my good nature about their activities when they involve digging up the tulip bulbs I just planted. I suspect your little guy, cute as he was, was checking to see whether your newly planted flowers were on his diet.


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