San Diego’s Pink Ladies

How about a little glitz and glam from the lovely pink ladies of the San Diego Zoo….

A place I LOVE to visit.

A city I long to return to.

By the way…the watermark is correct. These are not my photos. I STOLE them (gasp!)

Do you feel cheated? You shouldn’t. I am SO PROUD of these photos. They were taken by my sweet multi-talented husband Jason. He had one of my extra cameras during our trip to the zoo last year.

I was shocked when I saw his images. Some of his photos are better than mine – the so-called professional of the family. But you know what? I got over it.

I LOVE THESE IMAGES. I love everything about them. Not just because, they are really, really good, but because on that day, he chose to share a hobby with me. Something I can go back, and remember….time and time again.

14 thoughts on “San Diego’s Pink Ladies

  1. Love the closest one, the last pic. So close, so crisp, so clear, so [it has to start with a “C”] … so cool! 😀

    I didn’t took my time with those. They are so popular, so accessible, and that there’s so many people around them. I wanted to explore the ones from my homework prior going there. 😀


  2. Lovey pics Jason! I love flamingo’s. We were in Sea World last month, and the flamingo’s there walked among the crowded. It was so amazing to see these big birds so closeby. I hope all is great with you guys! Here things are fine.


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