Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

I’ve wanted to post about this area for some time. It’s called The Bishop Arts District, located in Oak Cliff, Texas. This is just a tad to the southwest of downtown Dallas. They have several art mural projects for 7th street and Oak Cliff.

I find these art murals completely fascinating.

One is to raise money for local artists, and the other is to beautify the walls with graffiti designed to show something more….

A more beautiful place to look at.

A more dedicated community to the arts.

A more giving use of talents, and outstanding vision from these local creators.

A wonderful, and artistic display which varies from children to adults.

It is as impressive as it sounds.

I ventured to this area to capture the wall art. But, I realized something……these murals are not just eye candy. They are a renewal. A renewal for a plain wall, to go from drab, to fab. A creative, and colorful endeavor that spreads cheer throughout the neighborhood.

My hope is you enjoy them as much as me. Aren’t they amazing? A real photographic trip. Heh!

Click on any photo to enlarge and display a gallery slide show.

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Do you have an arts neighborhood?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

When I first read the weekly challenge, I thought phhhhhhhhhfttttttt!

Math, yeah right, like I am going to attempt that.

But then! I read the words patterns and rhythms: shapes, art, and subjects. And I thought, “Okay, maybe….I overreacted.”

No need to break out the calculator embarrassing myself with figures and numbers.

What I can do is take you downtown. To one of my favorite places….Fort Worth, Texas.

There are some interesting shapes for sure………

The Convention Center is a great shape. This gal knows how to work some curves. Heh.

Then, you have unique.

A blend of stature, revere, and holy beauty. I didn’t catch the cross reflections in the glass building (far left side) until I uploaded this image. It is magnificent.

In steep tradition, Fort Worth uses bricks to pave the street known as Main. It gives such an antique feel to the surroundings. Reminds me of history, the covered-wagon kind. Standing still on the brick, I can almost hear the clop of hooves…..

Another beautiful blend of old and new with reflection. Ah, poignant!

And here, in Sundance Square, we can measure our moments with a little style.

After that, we can admire the natural glow of sun-spheres on our lovely Texas State Flag.

And this? This is the view at the end of Main alllll the way down to the charming Fort Worth courthouse.

So there you have it, not just a mishmash of numbers, but a heartbeat of where the East ends and the West begins.

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Quotography | Orange

This is my first time participating in this meme. I love the idea of photos and quotes together. It is a great reminder to me…

Life is a beautiful place, in every season, and even the smallest things are filled with meaning when paired with a little soul food.

This photo is from my backyard. I used my macro lens and tripod.

Quotography at {My}Perspective

Do Not Disturb – The Future

A future logophile in her natural state.

Her special secret place of comfort and word enchantment.

Meet my oldest step-daughter tucked away inside – not just a Dora tent – but a land of imagination flowing with nouns, conjunctions, and adjectives.

Maybe she doesn’t know all those technical terms…..well……she’s only six……..she’s only in first grade (No doubt she knows most of them). A master in the making. A budding connoisseur of language.

She did not select a picture book from her Dad’s library. She picked a chapter book. Why? Well, isn’t it obvious? This is mini logophile – better known as a lover of words.

Why else would she maneuver a Dora tent into the hallway taking in great gulps of nouns while lounging with her head on a fuzzy pink pillow? Wielding a flashlight to not miss a single letter. No other reason I tell you. That little brain is bigger than her head. Which explains the four stitches she currently displays in the back. Actually, that was from falling off a playground slide, but truly consider the handicap of a future logophile. An extraordinary head – unbalanced and full of words

She is all patched up and okay. She is still reading chapter books with a vengeance. Tough and smart (grace will come) – what a combination.

I can’t wait to see what this kid will do.

And? I really hope I’ll still be able to talk with her (ha!).