Sensationally Stunningly Six

My oldest future stepdaughter Molly turned six Monday. I can’t help but remember when I first met her and how much she has grown and changed in the two short years.

She was incredibly shy the first time I saw her. She didn’t say a word but would peek at me in wonder, as I happily chanted along with the Diego episode that was on TV. If I glanced her way, she would duck her head hiding a giggle, but I saw that. Yes I did.

The second time I met her, she ran up to me and said point blank, “I’m not shy anymore!”

She wasn’t kidding either. She was my pal after that and I don’t think she has ever stopped talking, stopped acting, stopped engaging. Did I mention the talking? The only interruptions have not been from inattention, but competition since her little sister found her voice too.

One of my best memories was when she found out I was marrying her Daddy. I think she knew what happened before I did. She enacted the entire wedding procession immediately after he stood from bended knee using Sydney for people props. Later when I asked her if she wanted to be my flower girl she turned me down flat. What?

Me: You don’t want be my flower girl?

Molly: No

Me: (I couldn’t believe it) But Molly don’t you want to be in the wedding?

Molly: Nuh-huh.

Me:(totally stumped) Well, how come Molly?

Molly: Because! I don’t want to miss it!

Ha, so cute. She thought if she was IN the wedding she would miss all the happenings going on. Since Sydney told her the flower girl has the best view in the house she has now accepted the position. Yay!

So, I’m-not-shy-anymore-Molly, happy, happy birthday. Giving you a birthday hug made my day. You are precious to me. More precious because God brought you into my life not by birth, but by love, and that is so incredibly special , to be chosen by him for such a rare gift. I hold it deep in my heart. I treasure it and I treasure you.

Just a bit after I met her. Molly age four.

She had my camera for a day. I have a folder of pics from it. I love her view of life at four (who knew how many views of feet there are). I recommend you give it a try with a little one. See their day through a third lens – simply freeing.

Molly a few weeks ago at the park. From age four to kindergarten. I am so proud of you and your parents. They have done such a great job raising you to be so incredibly smart and caring.

One of my favorite photographs of her. She was playing with friends and doing what I love best……
Living, Loving, Laughing

To you Miss Molly and to many, many more.