Sensationally Stunningly Six

My oldest future stepdaughter Molly turned six Monday. I can’t help but remember when I first met her and how much she has grown and changed in the two short years.

She was incredibly shy the first time I saw her. She didn’t say a word but would peek at me in wonder, as I happily chanted along with the Diego episode that was on TV. If I glanced her way, she would duck her head hiding a giggle, but I saw that. Yes I did.

The second time I met her, she ran up to me and said point blank, “I’m not shy anymore!”

She wasn’t kidding either. She was my pal after that and I don’t think she has ever stopped talking, stopped acting, stopped engaging. Did I mention the talking? The only interruptions have not been from inattention, but competition since her little sister found her voice too.

One of my best memories was when she found out I was marrying her Daddy. I think she knew what happened before I did. She enacted the entire wedding procession immediately after he stood from bended knee using Sydney for people props. Later when I asked her if she wanted to be my flower girl she turned me down flat. What?

Me: You don’t want be my flower girl?

Molly: No

Me: (I couldn’t believe it) But Molly don’t you want to be in the wedding?

Molly: Nuh-huh.

Me:(totally stumped) Well, how come Molly?

Molly: Because! I don’t want to miss it!

Ha, so cute. She thought if she was IN the wedding she would miss all the happenings going on. Since Sydney told her the flower girl has the best view in the house she has now accepted the position. Yay!

So, I’m-not-shy-anymore-Molly, happy, happy birthday. Giving you a birthday hug made my day. You are precious to me. More precious because God brought you into my life not by birth, but by love, and that is so incredibly special , to be chosen by him for such a rare gift. I hold it deep in my heart. I treasure it and I treasure you.

Just a bit after I met her. Molly age four.

She had my camera for a day. I have a folder of pics from it. I love her view of life at four (who knew how many views of feet there are). I recommend you give it a try with a little one. See their day through a third lens – simply freeing.

Molly a few weeks ago at the park. From age four to kindergarten. I am so proud of you and your parents. They have done such a great job raising you to be so incredibly smart and caring.

One of my favorite photographs of her. She was playing with friends and doing what I love best……
Living, Loving, Laughing

To you Miss Molly and to many, many more.

38 thoughts on “Sensationally Stunningly Six

  1. Very nice post again. She and her sister are blessed to have you as their soon to be stepmother. Take care. Love the pictures, Molly is a very sweet, cute girl.


  2. So sweet 🙂

    It’s amazing how fabulous the view of a four year old (or five year old or six year old… ) can be!

    The best, craziest, photos of myself as a kid were taken when an uncle got married — his fiancee gave each of us a disposable camera to have fun with for the weekend (my sister and I were flower girls) and , we, along with our cousin, had the time of our lives — our photos of people dancing and laughing are the ones framed and hung on the walls – not the professional photographers’ posed portraits.


  3. Those photos are incredible! Happy day to her!

    And isn’t that the truth about a relationship born out of love? You know, I’d never really thought about it that way, but it is such a good point. Thanks for sharing that, friend.


  4. Happy Birthday to Molly,

    You have to love the different outlook you get from her, it sounds like you have more than a step daughter you have a friend for life.

    Loved the post.


  5. You are very good at paying people tributes and showing your gratitude.
    It is lovely to see and a great way to acknowledge people in your life.
    You can acknowledge yourself for all the love in actions you are being and doing.
    xox Wilma


  6. Eight of the twelve kids I have brought up are step-kids, there’s nothing more precious than loving and being loved outside your blood. Sometimes, more precious than your own because they chose you, your own inherited you and that makes a big difference.



  7. Molly’s really a cute girl. You’re absolutely blessed having her as a step daughter and I’m sure she, her little sister and Sidney are getting along very well!


  8. Wow what a difference 2 years make! She’s so cute!
    I love what you said about “Not by birth, but by love”, if only more people would think like that.

    Interesting idea of giving the camera to the kiddos. I think I might try that next time I’m with the grandkids.


  9. She is very smart. She has a point. Being in the wedding would make her miss out on some stuff, but be privy to a lot more fun stuff! I love your photos. Beautiful smiles. 🙂 Thank you for your support. My Mom is better. 🙂 Happy Friday.


  10. I always look at the eyes–they tell so much. Molly has the eyes of a happy, loving child. I can’t see your eyes, Angelia, but I’ll bet they are happy and loving, too. You are both blessed.


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  12. My stepdaughter was 3 when my husband and I married, she is now almost 11. I can’t believe how the time has flown by. We have a great relationship, I call her my “bonus child”.

    Have a great day.

    Visiting from SITS.


  13. Beautifully written. They pictures of Molly are wonderful. Making a family with step-children is difficult. You are special mother to do this.

    Regarding step-daughter Molly turning six and wondering where the time went. I understand. As a father to a step-son turning 49 the time goes amazingly fast. Yet, Steve although he is my step-son, he is my son, no different than if he was my flesh and blood. I simply love him

    Thank you for sharing …


  14. @Lesley-Yes, it wasn’t hard. These kids, I’m convinced, have special powers! Thanks for coming by!

    @MaryLea-Thanks! It really is amazing how much they change. Two years seems like a blink, but the pictures show a matured little girl losing her baby face.

    @Glen-Thank you Glen. They say it’s the toughest job in the world. I need to get goalie gear on my heart. 🙂

    @Jane-The new love was a miracle in itself. I think I knew for sure when I saw how much he loved his children. There is nothing so tender in all the world. I know you see that with your husband too.

    @Suzicate-Thank you! I sure think she is.

    @One of the Guys-Yeah, she was really getting mad at me for pushing it. She just wanted front row seating and leave her be. HA. Thanks much. 🙂

    @peedee-Thank you! I am very lucky. So much loss to so much gain. Amazing.

    @nothingprofound-I may be doing it wrong but she has a MOM so I feel like I’m her grown up friend. It’s nice not having the pressure of raising her but just being in her life and enjoying it.

    @Ellen-Thank you so much. It is a blessing all the way around.

    @Shayna-THAT is soooo wild! WHAT FUN! I can imagine how all the kids had no reservations and just snapped away. Awesome!

    @Yogasavy-She really is wise soul. The smartest (little) kid I have ever met!

    @foxy-I had a relationship with my stepdad and my grandma- neither blood related. It was love that created those. I was taught everything I know by them.

    @Jean-Thank you Jean! Your girls are adorable too! It’s hard not to have a big soft spot for girls. Thanks for the wishes.

    @terre-Thank you. I am awed by being in their life. Awed I get to experience it too. It’s sweet!

    @Jimmy-I do have a friend for life (I hope). If not I will enjoy every moment I have. I suppose she could grow up and say, “You’re not related to me”. And all those other mean teen things but hopefully they will pass quick. HA.

    @Jenny-Thank you so much Jenny!

    @Wilma-Thanks Wilma! I do need to acknowledge myself, grateful for who I am, and the love I have in my heart. Thanks for the reminder. I appreciate that. 🙂

    @Argentum-It is all about choice. You chose to love them and they chose to love you back. I don’t know any child who couldn’t use more love. It’s obvious how big your heart is from your comment of raising eight. Thank you for sharing that. It warms my heart.

    @Much More Than Mommy-Yes, me too! It wouldn’t have been the same without her in front of me. 🙂

    @Mindy-I really am. Thanks Mindy. I think I finally fixed my broke picker (took long enough!).

    @Deiala-They are really funny together. It’s a silly good time for sure! We have a lot of laughs.

    @thefallenmonkey-I do my best to be loving and positive. I hope one day she is honored by that. She deserves it!

    @Heather-That would be awesome giving the camera to them. I bet they would have fun. I’m lucky I was raised by love from my stepdad. It made all the difference in the world.

    @MOTPG-It is a gift and a treasure. I am very blessed indeed!

    @Kerry-You gotta love digital cameras! At least you can erase the fun and they can do it again. That’s great that you do that. Thank you for your comment!

    @Doraz-So glad your mom is better! Molly is a smart cookie. We may be in trouble. LOL.

    @Ji-Jingle she is bright, and happy (most of the time). We enjoy all her sparkles of life.

    @Ronnica-I did too! Thank you. I just couldn’t believe she really meant it. HA.

    @Judie-I do believe the eyes are windows to the soul and tell so much. We are very blessed!

    @Jenny-Bonus child is a perfect term! I knew it goes by fast. Great to see a comment by someone with a step daughter about the same age. Thank you!

    @Pam-Me too! She really is a beautiful blessing to have. They both are and my daughter as well. We have a house full of girls. 🙂

    @Lance-Thanks LANCE! Wooo! I think I have a six year old living inside me too. HA. We should let them out to play more often. 😀

    @Frank-What a wonderful comment about your son. I was a step child loved completely by my father (step). I get to be on the other side now and I am so grateful for that. I will never forget the love he gave me even though I wasn’t from him and he didn’t experience my baby years. I have a story of him in my Joys of writing tab. Thank you Frank for sharing your story. It means the world to have people like you sharing your life and love to a child that deserves it.

    @Judie-Thank you Judie! I am glad you got to see. I love taking pictures of them. 🙂


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