The Color Blind Photographer

My secret is out and I might just lose a few clients over this. But, considering I haven’t even started my business, maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

Here is my dilemma.

Do you see what I see?

All I see is a yellow square. Nothing else. Apparently, there is something else. Maybe a rabbit jumping through a hoop? Or a children’s choir singing Kumbaya? Me? I don’t know. That’s my point – I don’t see it. Here is the online color blind test I took. See for yourself, or in my case – not.

It started in fourth grade. We had one of those health books. They had these circle thingies where a number is displayed. I couldn’t see it. If I couldn’t see the number, it said I had red-green color blindness. What did that mean to a ten-year old? Absolutely nothing. My Dad was color blind and from other parts of the health book I learned about heredity traits. I guessed I got it from him. I knew the color red. I knew the color green. Didn’t I? I mean I saw those colors. It’s just a number in a circle, right?

Except now……

Now that I am considering a side career. Charging people to take pictures. Launching a photography business. Would you pay a color blind photographer? Is that something I’d have to disclose?

Maybe, I can use color blind photography to create a niche market. It could be a catchy. You’ll never know what colors you’ll get, but we can always revert to black and white.

I happen to love black and white photography.

It’s a little comical now. I remember watching my Dad tune the colors on his TV over and over. It was never quite right. I used to tease him and ask him what color his curtains were. He would look and look and look. Finally, he’d say red and I’d laugh. “No Dad, it’s orange. Ha. Ha. Ha.” Oh yeah, I thought it was sooo funny. Did I mention what a bratty kid I was? How about karma? Have I mentioned that lately?

I have a confession…….I am color blind and I want to be a photographer.

I confess to not seeing the numbers in the circles.

I confess.

But I will not apologize for the colors I do see.

Vibrant, rich glorious colors.

And by the way, I may be color blind and part of the 0.005% women who are affected, but I am not blind as a bat.

I can see the train coming.

So what are your thoughts? Color blind? Or color rich? Would you hire a color blind photographer?

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37 thoughts on “The Color Blind Photographer

  1. I like color photos best I have to admit, but Angelia you take amazing photos whether color or black and white. I love the shot of your friend’s son with the cows in the field behind, that is now my favorite and the one of him leaning on the stable door.


  2. Maddy

    I don’t think being colorblind makes a difference! Wasn’t Beethoven death and he created the most amazing symphonies?! You’ve got what it takes, so keep rocking that camera!


  3. Wow, such an interesting perspective. I would love to see things through your eyes for a day. So have you never been able to see red or green or is that a late onset kind of thing?

    Beautiful work lady!


  4. It doesn’t matter, your skills are proofed to be excellent. I think the color red isn’t important, is it? 🙂 BTW I did the test and I am not colorblind. Was fun to do. Have a nice weekend!


  5. I would have never guessed it! Hubby is color blind too, but I think to a higher degree than you. At least your color blindness wont keep you from doing what you want, like it did for hubby, he wanted to be a pilot. One time he asked me why women wear blue lipstick! LOL!! We drove a hot pink truck (18 wheeler) and he didn’t know till the other guys started teasing him, he thought it was blue.

    The color test pic…various shades of green dots with the outline of a red circle and a yellow square.

    I don’t think your color blindness would keep you from getting lots of customers, you are very talented!


  6. I love black and white photography too, and I see nothing wrong with with your color photography, I’d hire you based on what I have seen, now for the color blind test I sat there for quite a while trying to get the rabbit to come into focus, I saw the circle and square but not a rabbit, I guess it wasn’t one of those 3D pictires 🙂 I always loved those too, good thing I went and looked at the test or else I’s still be looking


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  8. runrettarun

    I would totally hire you! 🙂

    The Lover is color blind too. At first I thought it was b/c he was a dude and sucked at matching colors but nope. He’s really color blind! We found out when he went to test for his pilot’s license.


  9. I don’t think you need to apologize–your pictures are great!

    A few years ago, when coming home from a little road trip with my daughter and her friends, we saw a gorgeous sunset. The girls were going on and on about one of the colours (and I can’t, for the life of me remember if it was green or purple). I thought they were pulling a fast one on me because I could not see the colour they were talking about in that sunset. They were getting frustrated with me because they thought I was trying to tease them, but I wasn’t–I just couldn’t see it.

    Turns out, after I’d googled it, that it was because of my low levels of B12 ( I sometimes have to get shots). Go figure.

    I say, you’re doing a fabulous job with your photography, and that little oddity doesn’t seem to be making any difference–perhaps it might even enhance it, who knows?


  10. I wouldn’t stress about it.
    I must say that I am very jealous of your editing ability. The photos were fabulous already when you posted them the first time. But now, with the slightly sharpened color, or muted edges or switched to black and white – well, they are gorgeous! I have got to learn how to do that.
    You are going to go far. I hope you continue to blog about it, so we can be a part of it. Don’t quit writing when you become a famous photographer!


  11. My Dad was colour blind, he used to say that a red rose looked like a small cabbage to him. When I was little I had to tell him the colour of the stripes on the fuses he was soldering together to make his own stereo unit. His stereo was his pride and joy, it was perfect!

    I am a photographer, married to a colour blind photographer. We work together and honestly, I have never noticed anything wrong with his colour balance in his photos.

    To me, you work is beautiful, so what if you see things a bit different to others, it is what makes your work unique! So start charging, you deserve a wage for your amazing work!


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