My Whirling Mind

I might as well attach streamers to it.

Streamers of silver and blue, and then at least, I can say, “Look! Something pretty!”

My mind goes nonstop and I’ve wondered more than once if I have ADD of the adult variety.

You see, I used to read – books. Novels. Series. I would devour them and savor them, because? I LOVE to read. Now? I blog. I read blogs. And that is all I have time for.

At first, I blamed my lack of reading on ADD. I started many books, but never finished them. Now, I know it’s my mind. Not only is it occupied by blogging, but also photography.

I have been reading studying books on settings; ISO, white balance, aperture, shutter speed, and f stops. I know! Why not use auto? And I have, but I have to edit the pictures (hours) to come out the way I want them to (which is more time). So, I am using manual. I am learning. I am reading. I am loving it.

Plus, I picked up a novel the other night and guess what? I am enjoying it too. It makes my mind stop whirling and I can enjoy the characters and the writing. My mind can be still.

The future comes one day at a time.

– Dean Acheson

Jason and I have been married two months now.

My wedding bouquet has long been gone. The beautiful flowers faded and died, but frozen in photographs, perfect and fresh. Holding the memories inside their pixels.

It’s December. It’s winter. I wouldn’t expect to see any flowers blooming. Especially, the same ones in my wedding bouquet like Gerber Daisies.

Would you mind telling that to my flower-pot on the front walk? See, I planted pink Gerber Daisies in the spring for the girls. One pot bloomed and bloomed, then died. The other pot bloomed in the spring, then did not bloom again. It didn’t die either. It just sat there in the pot through the long hot summer. I watered its green leaves and thought……well, that’s it. I never have any luck with Gerber Daisies. It was worth a try, and I did try……….. because I love them sooooooo much.

Then…..a miracle.

Two pink blooms in the winter.

Walking to my front door I saw a flash of pink. I thought, no friggin’ way, it couldn’t be. This was November. I took a closer look and sure enough, out of the green leaves was a single pink daisy. Awh! I was delighted. It’s twin sister appeared a day or so later. They have been hanging out through two freezes.

It’s December 12th. I took this picture yesterday.

Texas Garden

What does this mean for my whirling mind?

I don’t know.

Two months have flown by. Two flowers have appeared.

I feel a new direction on the horizon. A new year coming – 2011 (wow).

Maybe it means, getting off the mind spinning merry-go-round, relaxing and enjoying these frozen moments before they are gone.

12 thoughts on “My Whirling Mind

  1. Yogasavy

    Congratulations on the 2 months! Lots more to come…
    As for the reading am right there with you. have not picked up a book in a few months. Every time I pick one up I put it back down….. Just a phase I hope


  2. Congrats on your first two months of married life together! Those flowers are beautiful! What a nice winter surprise – that would never happen up here! =(

    I get craft and housework distracted 😉 I swear I have too many unfinished projects that need to be completed.


  3. 2 months already…. dang! Time is flying! I love that your flowers bloomed!

    You know, after Jason and I were married in Jamaica, my mom (the master crafter) came home and bought all the necessary dry flowers to recreate my wedding bouquet. And I looooooooooove it. It looks exactly like the real thing and totally takes me back to that day. 🙂


  4. Two months! Yay! How fun!

    I don’t read books – novels – any longer either. I read blogs and websites and nutrition books and exercise books and diet theory books, but I am learning too.

    I had my bouquet freeze-dried. It is in a big plastic oval bubble frame. Still looks pretty good. I love it. Pictures are good too.

    I think it is awesome that two daisies bloomed. That could be considered a sign . . . .


  5. You, my dear friend, are experiencing the ‘stop and smell the roses’ syndrome. You are seeing the beauty that is still there, hiding in all the hubbub and whirly-jigging of this time of year. I’m so proud that you noticed the gorgeous flowers. There’s got to be a hidden message there. Could it be that two will thrive through all the harshness life has to offer as long as you stick together.
    I’m loving you today, Angelia. Hugs to Jason.


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