Saying Good-bye to Summer

Yesterday, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor water park closed it’s doors for the summer. I bet you didn’t even know they stayed open until the last weekend in September. Well, in North Texas they do.

You could say it marks the end of summer here.

I am so proud of my daughter Sydney. This was her first job. She got it all on her own. She filled out the application. She aced the interview. She did it all herself.

She got hired working as ride attendant at the park. She had to go through CPR training before she even started. And this summer? Hottest summer on record in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. I think we cracked over 69 days of being over 100 degrees, but I lost count.

It was still near 100 yesterday – 97 – close enough. But she did it. She worked in the heat, in the sun, and she looked pretty darn cute doing it.

Did I mention I am proud of her?

Ready for work

And look at her tan…holy cow!

Sydney's First Job

Thank goodness she didn’t have to save anyone. No heart attacks, slips, or seizures.

Ride Attendant

But she was prepared, just in case.

Surviving Summer of 2011

This is the shirt they gave all the employees on the last day. It is soooo appropriate.

Congrats Sydney on your first job!

She actually still has a job now that the water park is closed. They send them all over to Six Flags over Texas (across the street) to work a haunted house.

Her next job? A scary clown (shudder!).

Thank goodness, they do their make-up there (I hope!).

Oh, and by the way…….

We got a NEW car!

No more car pooling.

No more long days at work waiting for a ride; no more swapping.

It’s our first Kia. But I tell ya, so far, this car is SWEET. And most importantly, smaller than the other car we have, which is MUCH easier for me to drive.

Black Kia Soul

2012 Kia Soul

And yes, I may pretend I’m a dancing hamster in it (one of my favorite commercials of all time -PARTY ROCK!).

Soul tag

It has lights around the speakers. They change colors from red to yellow to purple to green and beat with the music. It’s way too cool.

Front of Kia Soul

It also has a back-up camera for driver-challenged folks like me.

I am so thrilled with it. We, finally, have TWO cars again. Plus, I love BOTH of the cars and can drive either one.

I will probably drive the Kia Soul the most. My work is farther and it has an Eco System to save gas.

The car buying process only took a few hours. I have to thank the good peeps at Kia Patterson of Arlington. There was only a small hiccup because Jason’s ex still has the house they bought in his name. It doesn’t look so good on your credit when you have two houses and a car. Thankfully, we were able to convince them it wasn’t his in the decree. But still……scary stuff when you have no control over your credit because of someone’s actions, or inaction in this case (it’s been almost four years since the divorce).

So….a very close call on getting another car, but it all worked out in the end. We got a REALLY good deal and I highly recommend this dealership (told you I was a blogger!).

Happy Monday everyone! You know I’m smiling and cruising in my own set of wheels. 🙂

25 thoughts on “Saying Good-bye to Summer

  1. Sydney looks adorable in her work outfit! I know you are proud and I am so jealous of that tan!

    Congrats on the Soul. Now you can listen to soul in your Soul which should soothe your soul…. ok… I’ll stop now!


  2. OMG i love the hamster commercials! i secretly, or not so secretly, want to own a kia sol just so i can be like the hamsters!!! Sydney does look quite adorable and that sounds like an awesome first job for her. 🙂 Love all the pictures in your post, as always! So sad that summer is ending. I feel your pain–I start school today so my summer is officially over.


    1. Thank-you! I was just looking at your cute little girl’s pics on Facebook in her new BIG girl bed. Yay! You definitely should check out Kia. They have some really nice vehicles. Plus, the technology and hands-free voice program is amazing!


  3. Yes, Sydney is too cute. I am very happy and a little surprised, that there were no heart attacks, slips, seizures, choking, or heat stroke. I think she was lucky! 🙂 I think it is nice that they send the water workers over to the haunted house. That is cool! Congrats to Syd on getting her first job on her own. From here on out it usually turns into a “who ya know” kind of thing. 🙂

    Congrats on your new car. Yay you! It is fun to have a new car!


  4. Hi Angelia, you’re daughter is great! So cool she is such an independent young lady.
    I love our car. Our car broke last night. Battery finito. Now at the dealer because there are more things not okay. You have a great week!


  5. Congratulations to Sydney on scoring her first job.
    She looks awesome!

    Our youngest so scored his first job this past summer as well.
    He was a Counselor at a Boy Scout camp.
    He loved it!

    The new car looks Sweet!!


  6. Rach @ This Italian Family

    I’m so jealous of her tan, haha! My husband was a lifeguard for a couple of summers while we were in college. He loved it and I loved his gorgeous bronzed looks. 😉


  7. Yay for first jobs!! My first job was in an office. Wish I was doing something more fun like Sydney got to do on her first job. And congrats on the new car! I couldn’t imagine sharing a car with my hubs for so long 🙂 And I’m glad to hear they are as fun as they look in the commercials!


  8. What a lovely smile Sidney has:~) She should be proud of herself. There have been days when she would have rather been sitting in air conditioning. Texas has had an unbearable summer regarding heat and dryness. I keep hoping rain will come your way soon.

    I like the car and it must be nice to have a new one. There’s something almost sexy about the smell of a new car:~) Is that too risque to say on this site?

    Have a great rest of your week and a wet cool weekend:~)


    1. We had a little rain one day. We could definitely use more. Looks like the temps are 80’s from here on out until ?? December ?? I can’t remember when it drops to the 50-60’s. It’s been WONDERFUL!

      The smell is pretty intoxicating!


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