Rally for the Texas Rangers

Did you know I’m a baseball fan? When I moved to Texas in 1989 I saw my first major league baseball game. I fell in love. It was instant rapture to see it in person; to hear the crack of the bat, and the roar of the crowd. I was hooked.

Been a fan ever since.

In fact, when the new Ballpark in Arlington opened in 1994, I was there. I was 9 months pregnant with my daughter, but I made it to opening night and I’ll never forget it.

Rangers Stadium and Six Flags

I may not know every players stats, or the pitching line-up. I may not follow every second, and every play (ADD, yo), but I DO love this team. I love their heart and I am thrilled that they are ONE win away from making it to the World Series…...again.

With that in mind, I am rallying for the Rangers. I am sending every winning Charlie Sheen vibe their way and I am posting my photographs from my last trip to the Ballpark.

Do join me in spirit to root for this Texas team.

Let’s GO RANGERS! Let’s GO!

Ballpark Texas Flag at entrance.

First base gate.

Inside the entrance.

Ceiling detail.

One of my favorite pics.

Entrance to the stands and the field.

Fans and the cotton candy guy.

The DFW airport flight route goes over the Ballpark.

Even the billboards are fans of the Rangers.

Players in action.

Fly ball catching. They make it look easy.

Truly amazing player.


When the Rangers score, the Texas pride comes out as they wave the Texas flags.

Not easy facing a ball coming at you at raging speeds.

Josh Hamilton, star player with a Cinderella story.

He is an inspiration to many.

The Rangers mascot. They sell the pillow pet of him here. Awh!

Close call on second.

Keep them coming across that home plate.

Let’s hear it for the Rangers!

This is my baseball team. I am so proud of them! No matter what, win or lose, they have played some great ball.

Let’s go Rangers! LET’S GO!! Clap! Clap!

Are you a baseball fan? What team do you hope makes it to the World Series?

27 thoughts on “Rally for the Texas Rangers

  1. Jamie

    Great pics!!! We are huge Ranger fans, too, and so excited they are one win away. We even have an actual stadium seat from the old ballpark in our house. 🙂


  2. It was a nailbiter! Cruz kicks some mayjah booty. I’d love to see another Rangers game in person. That is one of the best times I’ve ever had. Beautiful pictures and happy anniversary!


  3. I’m going to have to wash my typing fingers and eyeballs after reading this post.


  4. Great photos! I love baseball too, but we’re Pirates fans, which means we haven’t gotten to root for our team during the play-offs since ’92, when I was in high school.


  5. Angelia:

    Great pictures of the ballpark and team! I’m a baseball nut in Chicago…White Sox fan and admirer of other teams like the Tampa Bay Rays and Milwaukee Brewers. I don’t know why I’ve never liked the Rangers over the years. I will admit, however, that this current Ranger team is growing on me. Nelson Cruz is on an amazing tear. Michael Young has been switched to every infield position and he hits everything in sight. Josh Hamilton is a great story. Etc. I will say, though, that I’ve been a Mavs fan since the early days…and I do mean that.

    Again, great pictures…and I especially love that pic in the tunnel looking out toward right field. They gave me a good flavor of what its like to be there. Just curious, what’s the best food item there?


  6. A cursed Yankee fan am I. It’s different for us. Yankee baseball means first place and world series title. Every time. Every year. Anything less is disgrace . No other team has to live and play with that demand.


  7. I’ve been cheering on them Rangers all the way. I’m probably the only one in the state of Georgia who was actually glad that the Braves got beat out by the Cardinals for the wild card. I just didn’t want to be embarrassed by them tomahawkin’ Braves again. So now, I’m hoping for a Rangers/Cardinals series! I was so disappointed that Cruz wasn’t in the line-up last night. I think he could have put an end to those Tigers once and for all.


  8. Okay. there’s still about an hour to go before the end of the game but I’m pretty sure the Rangers have this one in the bag……15-4. Whatcha think? Now, let get them Cardinals there so it’ll be just as I planned. Texas Rangers all the way!!


  9. I am a baseball fan. A recent baseball fan, but still a fan. The SF Giants are my team and unfortunately we were plagued by many things this season and are not repeating as World Champs. But I love your pictures of the park. I too fell (more) in love with the Giants after I went to a game so I totally understand. I may have to root against your Rangers though, now that it’s them and St. Louis.


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