Chasing Cars


On the way to Houston for Thanksgiving number two with my sister.

It’s also Brownie – my 10lb Shih-tzu’s -first road trip.

She has done so well.

Migrating between my lap and my husband’s lap, to the pillow on the middle console, and back again.

Sometimes she watches the cars too.

We brought her crate so she has “home” at her Aunt Deedy’s house as well.

I worked today.


Me and four other people in our ten-story office building. At least according to the cars in the parking garage.

Yeah, that was it.

And it wasn’t busy at all. I took maybe 8 calls. But I did catch up on the stack of stuff piled up from the busy days.

Always a nice feeling to accomplish that.

We are almost to the outskirts of Houston. Both little girls are asleep.

Sirius Radio is on The Pulse.

I’ve caught up on my favorite games.




But I bet it’s my turn again. Heh.

I must say the WordPress app for iPhone is definitely a favorite of mine on the road.

It’s very easy to navigate, write, and add photos – all from my phone.

And without it, I would miss documenting Brownie’s road warrior stance.


Time flies when you’re having fun. And now? We are almost there.

Maybe next blog from the beach?

And…..if you like articles? Check out my latest one in the Fort Worth Examiner.

8 thoughts on “Chasing Cars

  1. Would love to have the app for WordPress. Will check where I can get it. I am still new in the Iphone world. But I love Siri. Have you ever asked her silly questions, like: Siri, do you love me? The answers are so funny!!


  2. It’s awesome you can do all that with your phone. My eyesight is so bad I’d give myself a headache trying to read what I wrote even with my glasses.

    Congrats on the Examiner!


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