Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

Between the inner and outer, there is the intricate expanse.

Between the labor and exertion, there is pause.

Between the barriers and boundaries, there is paradise.

Between the elapsed and the destined, there is passage.

Between the multitudes and the competitors, there is the pioneer.

Between the darkened and the desperate, there is the luminance.

Between the visions and the dreams, there is the destination.

28 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

  1. Wahoo! I was rooting for you as midnight approached. Aren’t you posting every day until the end of the year? YAY!

    These are great photos with great words to match. All the photos are great, but I am really taken by the arches.

    I hope you had a great second and third Christmas. Onto Birthday and New Year!


  2. Love each photo and the inspiring words that came before each pictures….Like this the most, ” Between barriers and boundaries , there is paradise.” I too know there is one that awaits for all of us. Love you heading too, ” Living, loving, laughing.” I try to do the same. Not easy but possible!
    Happy New Year. May blessings of love , joy and peace be with you and your family for always…


  3. Love this idea…unfortunately I wasn’t much of a picture taker until recently so I’ll need to wait until 2012 to “steal” it. I enjoyed the glimpse of your year. My favorite is the first image…reminds me of connecting thru Chicago on my way to the east coast.


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  5. I have had this page open for days, meaning to leave a comment. I think perhaps the crazy schedule I have been on might be influencing my favorite picture? I love the bench, and the thought about pausing.
    They are all absolutely gorgeous pictures and words. Now I need to reload your page and see what you have posted since this!


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