My Year in Photos Part Three

This is the end of my year in photos journey. We have covered Jan-April in part one, then May-August in part two.

The end is part three which covers September-December.

And I am ready to end it. For some reason today, I decided everything I do is terrible. My photos are terrible. My editing is terrible. My knowledge is terrible. It spiraled down to why do you even try? And then, I had to face The Blog, and my photo project, and daily blogging……

All I can say is…….. I am here.

I am going to post WONDERFUL pictures and get out of this slump that is trying to drag me down.

And I want to thank you for that. If I didn’t blog (if you didn’t read and comment), I’d probably just close down shop and be depressed at how terrible I am.

Instead, I get to blog and read your super nice comments that make me feel better. So much better. I guess we all have our down days and this one was mine. But I digress….

Here is my photography for the last of the year.


I had a slumps of sorts through the summer months in pursuing photography. Was it the heat? Was it the fact that my husband was told he had spinal cancer by a doctor that was treating him for his car accident injuries? Yeah. I didn’t want to do anything those months but spend time with him. I certainly didn’t want to take photos, edit photos, or blog about it. Many tests later, he was cleared. The scan showed a cluster of blood vessels. They looked like cancer, but were not. Ahhh! It was a scary time, and I did not talk much about it.

September I got to shoot my co-workers newborn baby Ava. Favorite part of newborn shoots? Holding the baby many, many times. Love! I, also, took photos of Sydney in her work uniform because she was so darn cute with her tan and her gear. How did anyone NOT slip when they saw her?

Basket Baby
Basket Baby Ava – this was taken on my front walkway. I put it on Pinterest linked to my photography website and she was repinned seventeen times.

Ready for work
Okay, those blue eyes are killer. It’s a good thing she doesn’t know how freakin’ gorgeous she is.

And we got a new car in September. Jason, and I shared a car for FIVE long months. That is not easy when you work 20 mins away by freeway. So this I took pictures of.

Black Kia Soul

It’s pretty much my car now versus our car. It’s just so much easier for me to drive than the Toyota Venza (people, the Kia has a back-up camera, oh yeaaaah).


Our first anniversary, October 10, 2011.

I had the honor of taking dance pictures of my childhood friend’s youngest daughter. Isn’t she beautiful?

Another Pumpkin Farm photo, Molly on the back of the old truck in her bat girl costume. Love that truck!


November was my busiest photographic month on record. I went to Clark Gardens, Dallas Arboretum, and downtown Fort Worth. I cooked with mom, and took photos for a future recipe book. I did Christmas photos of my family and the ex-wife with the girls. I did two sets of Senior Photos and a metal/rock band’s group photos. I took photos of my niece and nephew’s First Communion and of a one-year old. And then there was Thanksgiving. I’m a little surprised I didn’t burn out, but it was sooooo fun. And after double checking dates, I photographed Sydney and her boyfriend in November too. I have no idea what three images will end up next, but it should be good (and three won’t be enough).

A hornet’s sweet stop.

Senior girl Arden – 2012. This is also Sydney’s BFF.

Sydney at the railroad tracks. I LOVE this photo and it has not been edited. This is straight from the camera at a beautiful time in the evening.


And here we are at the end. But the end is just a new beginning.

One of the cookies from our annual cookie bake-a-thon with all the in-laws and ex-laws. This cookie was loved by sprinkles. Aww!

Bridget got a doll bed made by her Papa for Christmas. Look at her face. The fact that this was made with love is even more meaningful and something she can pass down to her children. She is one lucky little grandchild. Molly got one too, but I didn’t get her expression. They both love the beds.

Also? December and we have leaves???? Not to mention I took photographs of FLOWERS; like roses, and daisys. What the heck winter? Where are you?

And that wraps it up!

Are we ready for New Year’s Eve? I think I must be. My last photo album I labeled December 29th, 2012. I guess I’m jumping ahead already. What’s really bad is that I just noticed the wrong year about 10 mins ago and it’s been labeled that way since this morning. Ha.

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!

19 thoughts on “My Year in Photos Part Three

  1. I can’t believe that in 20 minutes, it will be the last day of the year. I really can’t. So much has happened this year. I really need to go back through my stuff, even if just for myself. It’s good therapy.

    As for you? You are an amazing photographer, friend, mother, stepmother, wife, blogger, and woman. I hope you never forget that. You drop a little sunshine into everyone’s day each time you stop by their blog. Thank you for being you and admitting you have your moments too.

    Happy New Years, Eve, Angelia. Here’s looking at 2012 as an adventure.


    1. Thank-you SO much! Yes, I have those days (and try to forgot them as soon as I can). This comment means the world to me and exactly why I come here for my own therapy. 2012 – a new adventure, a new beginning, and an EVEN year. I love those. Toasting to you and happy you are my blog friend.


  2. suzicate

    All your photos are awesome, but that hornet on the flower just steals it for me! I signed up for Pinterest and then couldn’t figure it out so I didn’t go back….yet; just call me an idiot!


  3. I think the truck photo gets the “photo of the year” award. I so enjoyed looking through your year, through your lens, at your subjects. Thanks for posting this trilogy. A very nice treasure and introduction into your world. Take care, Red Dirt Kelly


  4. Carol

    You are an amazing photographer. shove that “how badly I do things into a box, dig a hole, bury it! I especially love the photo of Molly in the truck.


  5. Angelia, these photos are fantastic. You really do have a talent with the camera and subject matter.

    I get those same feelings that you’re having about your photography when I am blogging sometimes. The “why bother” and not feeling like I stack up against so many of the fabulous (and sponsored!) blogs that I read on a regular basis. What reels me back in is remembering that I do it for me only, and that it is a creative outlet for me and a way to showcase some things I work on here and there, and I stop comparing myself to others. Just remember why you take those photographs and you’ll realize how great they are!


  6. Thank you for sharing your life and glorious pictures with all of us. I am relieved to hear your husband is okay – how scary! – and adore all the photos, but esp. the one of the batgirl in the truck! So precious. Happy New Year’s Eve!


  7. These are beautiful photos, thanks for sharing! I feel a bit like a stalker, getting glimpses of your life like this…but you take such lovely photos! I love that you did this. One of my resolutions for 2012 is to take lots more photos, and I think that at the end of next year I might try a similar project. Of course I don’t even know how to edit a photo, but everyone has to begin somewhere, right?


  8. Wow, that is a cute newborn picture! I really like how you present your subject in your photos. It is very obvious how much you care about the people you are photographing.


  9. When you feel like that do me a favor . . . . do two things; 1) think about what you have eaten lately or even the night before and 2) drink some water. Ok? Try it. See if you have eaten good/clean or not. And drink the water because it is good for you. Try those two things, one is just to help you identify (maybe) why you are feeling sad/bad and the water should actually help you right away.

    Ok with that said, I love your pictures. Thank you so much for sharing your year in photos. I know that it can’t have been easy picking out three photos per month because I am sure you have hundreds to choose from, but thank you and Jason (I thought you had said he helped) for such a great job.

    XOXOXO. Happy New Year.


  10. The baby pic…totally cute and pinnable for sure. Your daughter is gorgeous, she looks like my mother’s side of the family with all that blondeness and blue eyes (since I’m 1/2 Japanese I didn’t get all that, I’m a hazel eyed brunette). I’m a sucka for old trucks too (I can just hear the eagles in the background singing about a girl in a flatbread ford).

    It’s been a joy getting to know you better and I would actually love to feature one of your photos in a future almost wordless wens post. I couldn’t find a contact on your blog so could you write back to me, you’ve got me email with this comment info.


  11. What a great project for year’s end! and good idea to break it up into a few posts – made it fun coming back each day! My fav’s today… Ava & Molly in the truck – so cool!!!


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