Tales From the Crib

While we are waiting for baby, I thought I would share with you the current nursery room occupants. They are quite the helpers keeping all the places comfy cozy for Baby Averey’s arrival.

It is doubtful they are completely innocent as I am pretty sure I heard the Baby Einstein fish aquarium playing one quiet afternoon. The bubbles and piano notes are hard to miss.

Of course, when I enter the room, not a peep from these players.

They have not only taken up residency in the nursery, but in the pack and play as well.

I hate to tell them their cushy days are numbered, so I guess until then, we will let them live like the babies they want to be.

And I am sure Baby Averey won’t mind sharing when she gets here.

Isn’t it fun?

***No stuffed animals were harmed or put in time out for the making of this post. The dolls and toys may have been placed purposely by two excited young aunties, ages 7 & 9. I believe they were “practicing”.

14 thoughts on “Tales From the Crib

    1. I wish you could have seen the hysterical laughter of B when I showed her these photos. She thought her little “props” were quite cool. In fact, she insisted the doll in the bed was Averey. Really! It’s Averey! LOL. Then she corrected me on the purple bunny who is NOT a baby, but her pet. Bwahahahaha!


  1. Sydney

    Oh goodness. Averey’s nursery is being put to the test to make sure it is suitable for her 😛 The animals/dolls seem to like it. I think the baby girl will approve 🙂


  2. Oh those little “Aunties” are going to have the time of their lives with that little one. You know you are going to have some little helpers, right? I can already tell this little baby girl is very, very loved!


  3. “Of course, when I enter the room, not a peep from these players.”

    HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, Angelia, that was FLAWLESS!

    What sweet and clever photos! LOVE the doll in the crib!

    Happy weekend, my friend!

    X to you and your family!


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