A City of Relics

The Daily Post at WordPress weekly photo challenge is to find your relic. The first thing that comes to mind is the fabulous and dying (but resurrecting) Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas.

However, I have posted about it many times, mainly because, I am fascinated and (mostly) terrified of it.

So that left my other fascinating relic, which is pretty much the entire city of San Francisco. And yes, I have posted about it many times too, and that is because I have SO MANY PHOTOGRAPHS in my vault that have never seen the light of day (until now).

Some of these relics are very old, and some are not so old, and some are just icons that may become relics.

© Angelia's Photography 2013
This is the creepy relic of a prison called Alcatraz. Softened by the gentle drift of a sailboat on the bay.

This is the absolutely stunning SS Jeremiah O’Brien. One of two remaining Liberty ships from the World War II era. It is distinguished as being the last unaltered Liberty ship that makes it historically accurate. The beauty moors at Pier 45 in San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf.

These are the Historic streetcars, trolleys, and trams of San Francisco. They call them the museums of motion and that is so true. It is a flashback in time to ride, not to mention a genius way of moving around San Francisco, while saving your legs from the enormous amount of walking. This form of transport is classic and you will feel fortunate to have the opportunity to be part of the memories of these cool cars.

© Angelia's Photography 2013
Lotta’s Fountain is a donation to the city by the entertainer Lotta Crabtree in 1875. The most famous thing about this relic is that it is known to be the meeting place of the survivors of the 1906 fire/earthquake every year at 5:12 on April 18th. It is said the reason they meet is because many people, after the big quake, said “Let’s meet at Lotta’s Fountain”. It was the one place still standing that everyone knew the location of.

© Angelia's Photography 2013
Chinatown. Just look at the photo and you can see the relic signs in the background. The rich culture of an area with the elaborate displays of a heritage on every corner.

© Angelia's Photography 2013
This is the sign of a once vibrant sea port, and now famous for a vibrant tourism. It signifies a maritime history that only lives at San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf.

I hope you can agree with me that San Francisco is a city loaded with history and relics.

Have a wonderful weekend!

11 thoughts on “A City of Relics

  1. “I hope you can agree with me that San Francisco is a city loaded with history and relics.”

    Yes, I absolutely do, Angelia! As I have shared with you in the past, I’ve never been to San Francisco, but know that I would fall in love with it if I ever visited. And what I love about it (from the photos I’ve seen) is that it’s such a beautiful mixture of old with new. The architecture there looks amazing! There is such a charm about the way it looks. Plus, I know I would love the weather there.

    Love the photographs of the streetcars and trolleys because we have them here in Philadelphia as well, except they run underground now, not above, so they’re more like subway trolleys. However, one of my grandfathers was a trolley driver back in the 40’s and 50’s, when they were still above ground.

    As always, your photos are stunning. The one of Alcatraz is so cool!



  2. me fascina San Francisco aunque nunca he estado alli,como asi tambien Lisboa en Portugal,tal vez algun dia conozca ambas ciudades,vivo en Israel.pero soy Argentina de Buenos aires,ciudad muy interesante por cierto.


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  4. I do agree with you regarding San Francisco being a city loaded with history and relics . . . and they carry a smell that I cannot tolerate . . . you have seen more than the city than I have and I live less than an hour away! Just looking at the pictures brings the scent memory to mind and I gag! You have captured the beauty and charm without the smell . . . .but my memory . . . .


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  7. Hi Angelia:

    Beautiful pics! San Francisco is one of my favorite places to visit. I took a lot of pictures with my new SLR camera that I owned at the time, but I haven’t converted the film to digital from that trip yet. Interesting to read in the comments about the smells in SF…I suppose I noticed it at the time, but don’t remember it now. Thanks for sharing your pictures and hope you’re having a great summer!


  8. Very cool! I love historic things/places. But I do have a question. If I go to Lotta’s Fountain on April 18th at 5:12 will they show up? Might be spooky, Tee Hee : )


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