Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

When I first read the weekly challenge, I thought phhhhhhhhhfttttttt!

Math, yeah right, like I am going to attempt that.

But then! I read the words patterns and rhythms: shapes, art, and subjects. And I thought, “Okay, maybe….I overreacted.”

No need to break out the calculator embarrassing myself with figures and numbers.

What I can do is take you downtown. To one of my favorite places….Fort Worth, Texas.

There are some interesting shapes for sure………

The Convention Center is a great shape. This gal knows how to work some curves. Heh.

Then, you have unique.

A blend of stature, revere, and holy beauty. I didn’t catch the cross reflections in the glass building (far left side) until I uploaded this image. It is magnificent.

In steep tradition, Fort Worth uses bricks to pave the street known as Main. It gives such an antique feel to the surroundings. Reminds me of history, the covered-wagon kind. Standing still on the brick, I can almost hear the clop of hooves…..

Another beautiful blend of old and new with reflection. Ah, poignant!

And here, in Sundance Square, we can measure our moments with a little style.

After that, we can admire the natural glow of sun-spheres on our lovely Texas State Flag.

And this? This is the view at the end of Main alllll the way down to the charming Fort Worth courthouse.

So there you have it, not just a mishmash of numbers, but a heartbeat of where the East ends and the West begins.

Want more geometry? Come see what they are sharing at the The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge.

Fort Worth Water Gardens

What can I say? When it’s a 104º in September, it seemed like the perfect place to go in downtown Fort Worth.

I have heard about it often enough. Even caught glimpses of the structures when driving around the convention center. But explore the water gardens? Not this girl. Not until last Sunday that is.

I was surprised. Astounded even. Not to mention a little intimidated by the great falls. No one tells you, it’s a little dizzy to walk down those concrete steps to the bottom. Or maybe I should have taken it easier on the Gator Punch at Razoos? Heh.

What it all comes down to is this….I have a hobby. My hobby makes me happy. Sometimes, being a PRO puts a little too much pressure on my perfectionism-self. So I walked to the water gardens as – get this – a tourist.

A tourist with a camera and a happy hobby.


“The Tourists”

I have no idea why people kept asking if we were from around here.

I mean, really? I only had a camera bag, purse, and a map a guide.

We mentioned over and over, we only lived a few miles way. Yes, we are from “around” here (eyebrows raise). But whatevers.

Hey, if being a tourist gets me photos ops. I will tour all day, and even buy the t-shirt.

First stop, the aerating pool. Looks refreshing, doesn’t it?

I dang near dropped to my knees and bowed to it.

When you walk 10 blocks in a hot, muggy concrete furnace. This view? It’s temptation waiting to happen. I’m not sure why ONE little fountain couldn’t just a spray a little to the outside.

From across the way is the meditation pool. It is surrounded by trees – REAL trees – real forestry-looking. It was so cool (looking). But as you can see, it is also enclosed by walls with water running down the sides (which makes the walls green). Like a slimy water-slicked dungeon.

The water and the trees are lovely to behold…..


And I would looooove to meditate by it, if it wasn’t blazing hot…if there was a cool wind on my face…if the walls weren’t algae-moss green and closing in on me.

I couldn’t get to the stairs fast enough. I’m getting claustrophobic in my old age. I needed air. Circulating air.

And maybe even a friendly bird, or two.

The last stop was the biggest attraction. It’s called the active pool. It is literally 38 feet walls cascading down to a pool in the middle. There are these little stepping-stones to get to the bottom.

And I tried…..

I got half-way down and froze. The descent. The walls rising above. The water running quickly towards the bottom. Those little cracks that separate the stones, with just ONE little mishap….and OH HELLS NO.

I could not even reach for my big camera.

Brave tourist that I am, I stilled my shaky legs and used my iPhone to post a pic to Instagram.

See? Half-way down…or so…

I risked heat stroke and vertigo for these shots.

But I don’t mind.

After all, that’s what tourists do.

Sightings in Cowtown, Texas

Also known as Fort Worth, Texas. This is the home of the Fort Worth Stockyards featuring the twice daily Texas Longhorn cattle drive.

I found myself here last Saturday with a group of photographers. We had a meet and greet to talk photography and “shoot” some sights.

And sights we did see.

Coming here is like visiting the Old West. You do step back to another time, and another era. You are transported to the dusty days of the cowboy.

Fort Worth Stockyards Riverwalk
Fort Worth Stockyards Riverwalk

Calf fries??

It was nice to meet up with friends, new and old, to capture the fun of a great little place called Cowtown. My first two photos are of the Stockyards Riverwalk. I had no idea there was a Riverwalk. Score! on discovering new places. And living so close to a fantastic place rich in history and tradition.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

I took this weeks wordpress photo challenge to nearby downtown Fort Worth.

They have some lovely windows.

The first windows that caught my eye were at the prestigious, and elegant Bass Hall.

The Angels are stunning. I love how the sun reflects off their horns.

This is the same trip as the movie theater and the cupcake haven (see previous two posts).

I think I mentioned we had a lot of fun that day.

Probably, mostly me…… camera in hand.

We caught the horse and carriage ride going by Bass Hall. The most adorable little red-haired girl rode in the front. I just love the look of glee on her face. And they passed by the windows, so I’m totally counting it.

I was clicking away with my DSLR camera, until the battery died. What a bummer!

I usually have an extra battery with me, but not this day. We had gone to the movies and I used my purse to carry my camera. I didn’t bring my camera bag at all.

No worries, I whipped out my iPhone 4S, and kept going. I was on a mission to capture me some windows.

Really, and truly? It did an excellent job.


So good in fact? I have to wonder…..


Can you tell which ones?


If I didn’t know, I might not be able to tell. But trust me, there are a few mixed in.

Regardless of which camera I used, it was an extraordinary day of windows.