Fort Worth Water Gardens

What can I say? When it’s a 104º in September, it seemed like the perfect place to go in downtown Fort Worth.

I have heard about it often enough. Even caught glimpses of the structures when driving around the convention center. But explore the water gardens? Not this girl. Not until last Sunday that is.

I was surprised. Astounded even. Not to mention a little intimidated by the great falls. No one tells you, it’s a little dizzy to walk down those concrete steps to the bottom. Or maybe I should have taken it easier on the Gator Punch at Razoos? Heh.

What it all comes down to is this….I have a hobby. My hobby makes me happy. Sometimes, being a PRO puts a little too much pressure on my perfectionism-self. So I walked to the water gardens as – get this – a tourist.

A tourist with a camera and a happy hobby.


“The Tourists”

I have no idea why people kept asking if we were from around here.

I mean, really? I only had a camera bag, purse, and a map a guide.

We mentioned over and over, we only lived a few miles way. Yes, we are from “around” here (eyebrows raise). But whatevers.

Hey, if being a tourist gets me photos ops. I will tour all day, and even buy the t-shirt.

First stop, the aerating pool. Looks refreshing, doesn’t it?

I dang near dropped to my knees and bowed to it.

When you walk 10 blocks in a hot, muggy concrete furnace. This view? It’s temptation waiting to happen. I’m not sure why ONE little fountain couldn’t just a spray a little to the outside.

From across the way is the meditation pool. It is surrounded by trees – REAL trees – real forestry-looking. It was so cool (looking). But as you can see, it is also enclosed by walls with water running down the sides (which makes the walls green). Like a slimy water-slicked dungeon.

The water and the trees are lovely to behold…..


And I would looooove to meditate by it, if it wasn’t blazing hot…if there was a cool wind on my face…if the walls weren’t algae-moss green and closing in on me.

I couldn’t get to the stairs fast enough. I’m getting claustrophobic in my old age. I needed air. Circulating air.

And maybe even a friendly bird, or two.

The last stop was the biggest attraction. It’s called the active pool. It is literally 38 feet walls cascading down to a pool in the middle. There are these little stepping-stones to get to the bottom.

And I tried…..

I got half-way down and froze. The descent. The walls rising above. The water running quickly towards the bottom. Those little cracks that separate the stones, with just ONE little mishap….and OH HELLS NO.

I could not even reach for my big camera.

Brave tourist that I am, I stilled my shaky legs and used my iPhone to post a pic to Instagram.

See? Half-way down…or so…

I risked heat stroke and vertigo for these shots.

But I don’t mind.

After all, that’s what tourists do.

16 thoughts on “Fort Worth Water Gardens

  1. In 104 degree temperatures, the water would probably just reach out and grab me – my feet at least. Beautiful, cooling photos! Thank you for risking life and limb to get them for us.


  2. OMG! The active pool looks like the fountain thing in Logan’s Run!

    e you had a nice time, you got some great pics. I can see how being in an enclosed-ish space with water running down green walls and the temperature being 104 made you need to get out of there.


  3. Hi Angelia,

    I’ve seen you over at several other blogs that I visit and wanted to stop by to say that your photographs are truly stunning!

    Especially loved the one of the bird.


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