I wanna Rock!


For all you gamers out there who play Rock Band on PS3 or any other console.

Meet Ava, actually it’s ava, she doesn’t punctuate. She doesn’t! ava is one of my alter egos. She is most like me, except she plays drums in a band called The Stonecold Steve Austins. Yeah. She didn’t make the name up, for one it’s punctuated, for two it’s a guy name, and for three they are not wrestlers. Duh.

The band consists of the leader who is Steve Austin plays guitar. The singer Daisy, blonde hair, zebra pants, with a cute pink halter top (perfect 15yr old rendition). She’s all that. Then the band’s bass player is Jolt, soap star looking blonde with a big tattoo on his chest. The singer really digs Jolt.(Jolt, 16yrs old been dating Daisy over a year) He plays with his shirt off.

Before ava joined the band, the previous drummer was named Jade. Long black hair in dreads, pale skin, big green eyes with a nose piercing. She wore a leather jacket with a hot pink bikini top sporting leather pants. Jade ROCKED. She had a silver drum set. Seriously! She was crazy cool (and sooo unlike me).

See, Jade felt out of place. Everyone else in the band was themselves, or most like themselves. So she left – promising to return and jam again when the mood so strikes – and ava joined. Daisy thought ava looked fat and she can’t stand the fact that she wears a pink top with jeans, and the jeans have a red belt, that doesn’t match. What-evah!

Thing is, whether it’s Jade or ava, neither drummer has ever gotten a 100%, even on EASY. It’s an elusive feat for both of them. And not because of practice either, when Jade started she barely made it through a song without failing out. She just banged away until the song ended if she couldn’t catch the beat. Believe me sometimes her beat was waaaay off.

ava comes along with much more experience, but still misses the mark on 100%, every time. She has made a promise to herself, as soon as she peaks the score, and snatches that 100%. It’s medium all they way baby!

Last night’s JAM, NOT resulting in 100% – again.

Truly, I wasn’t a gamer until I met Jason. I had no idea what I was missing. It is a fun family activity, that everyone can enjoy. It’s also a great way to enjoy music. We don’t just have Rock songs, we have country, Christian rock, and metal. There is a variety. My favorite right now is Kings of Leon.

I don’t let it get me down that I can’t quite attain the 100 score. I just keep playing with all my heart. I keep trying. I love this game. I’ll get there eventually. In the meantime…..I WANNA ROCK!

20 thoughts on “I wanna Rock!

  1. You do rock, Angelia! Donald and I play Rock Band a lot, and it is so much fun to be a team and rock our hearts out. Good for you for having fun regardless of your score. I just know that your perseverence and happiness will pay off. Go you!


    1. Daphne,
      That’s it! The joys of playing as a team, me and Jason, or with Sydney and her boyfriend, or even with my niece as well.

      It’s a family event we can all enjoy. I love it! I WILL get that 100, I can’t wait. 🙂

      So cool you and Donald play!


  2. I’ve enjoyed Guitar Hero 2 & 3 for the 360. I didn’t get into World Tour or Rock Band mostly because if I’m going to go through the trouble to get other friends together to have guitar, bass, drums, & vocals…we might as well play the actual thing. That said, I still find Guitar Hero 2 & 3 fun, especially since my 2-year-old is really into music and we go into the practice mode on songs for her to “play” along with; quite cute.


    1. Joshua,
      How awesome is that? You can even play with your two year!

      The only time we played online with other users, was when my daughter’s boyfriend joined us. He was at his house. That was really neat that we could still play our “band” all together.

      I hope we get Guitar Hero to try out, everyone raves about it.

      We recently got RockBand Beatles, and that is very cool.


  3. Hi,
    I’ve never played one game. Never. I don’t know why. My children do. Maybe I don’t know what I’m missing!

    Being with them over the holidays I may have to check gaming out…I’ll let you know what happens.

    Rock on X 100!


    1. Tess,

      You should try it! I was really scared to give it a go. I don’t have natural rhythm, but with practice I’ve been able to hold my own.

      It is so awesome playing together as a family. I hope to hear all about your “first” experience soon.



  4. Peggy Nolan

    I’ve played Rock Band once and I’ve watched my nephews play Guitar Hero…

    I like pin ball machines and skee ball…and video games that allow me to blow up zombies (yes, I’m WEIRD, but you knew that already).

    I love music (you know that, too) but for the life of me, have yet to really get into the gaming side of things (when would I write?)


    And ROCK ON!!


    1. Peggy,

      Skee ball is my all time favorite at the arcade, well, that and Deal or No Deal!

      I never got into the killing games but that is just because I am a bad shot and always got got. HA.

      Banging on those drums, really helps me relieve stress, believe it or not.



  5. Tabitha Hoatson

    You are such a Rockstar!! I just recently start playing too! I sure didn’t know what I was missing either! Mom is talking about getting a Wii for the living room…..she loves playing bowling! haha!! don’t worry I’ll post videos! Aunt Resi will soon be a gamer! Yep my mom has still got it going on! haha!! ill be down this Saturday…staying the night and leaving Sunday afternoon….I wanna try and go to church with yall if all goes as planned!


    1. Tabitha,

      Hilarious! I can totally see her bowling, playing tennis, and golf. That’s awesome! She was always the cool mom.

      OH! OH! OH! I hope it works out!!! I would love to see you and have you come to Church. Crossing fingers, and toes.



    1. Foxy,

      The Wet Wipes! HA!! Too cool, I think making the band, shopping for clothes, and accessories is the best part.

      I can’t imagine what your members must look like, a little slick maybe? LOL.


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