Haiti’s Saving Grace

The internet and the world is talking about Haiti. The epic center Port-Au-Prince, the lives lost, and the insurmountable damage from a 7.0 earthquake. The world is captivated and shaken, just like the country. Haiti has the attention of the media, and many, many support and aid groups. Donations are pouring in.

I, for one, am glad. Yes, glad. Glad for the support, but deeply saddened it took this tragic event. I know the devastation, and lives lost are not replaceable. People are homeless, sick and in desperate need, now more than ever before. It is terrible. But listen, Haiti has needed help long before now. Haiti has cried for attention that it never got for YEARS AND YEARS. Finally, they are getting their saving grace. Finally, they are getting the help they need. Finally, we are paying attention.

Over twelve years ago, I became a travel agent to a company called, Simeus Foods. They are owned and operated by a man called, Dumas Simeus born and raised in Haiti.

You can see his biography here. Against all odds, he became a successful business owner and true to his roots, he gave back to where he started. I helped with a lot of the travel arrangements, and fundraisers for the foundation Sove Lavi. His admin Vanessa even brought me a card and some coffee from Haiti. Thanking me for help with getting volunteers flight arrangements, in and out of Haiti, to help with the clinic. A work she was very passionate about.

It was such an honor for me. I knew more than most about the story of the Haitians – their history. The hardships they faced. The hard, hard life they endured. Mr. Simeus was in the running for presidency at one time, but his stint in the US prevented it from being official. Impassable political road blocks. It was during a time of great rebellion and corruption. Haiti has always had extreme difficulties. I believe he would have impacted the country in a great way, which is why he was probably disqualified.

I remember talking to Vanessa on the phone one day. She was upset, very upset. One of the villages they worked to assist had been wiped out by a flood. The entire village washed away in the blink of an eye. Families she had worked with, children they had schooled, and given medical care to. In an instant, gone. She was heartbroken. What upset her the most, not one single media outlet reported the story. Not one. It was incredibly sad, and she was helpless to the lack of sympathy. Helpless to the forgotten need of a people she dearly loved.

Today, that story is fresh in my mind, as if I talked to her yesterday. Today, the world feels the pain she felt. The world knows the hardship, and the loss – the heartbreaking loss – of life. I am in no way happy this happened to them. But I am grateful for the support they are getting. I have heard more than one person mention, how do I get an orphan? The aftershocks will change many Haitian lives, in a uplifting way.

As we watch the world come together. Hearts are united. The people are cared and prayed for as never before. Their cries are finally heard. To me, that is a saving grace. A deserving mercy. There are many ways you can help. Our Church is working through World Vision. Both websites have donations. Obviously Red Cross as well.

I donated by text. I recently found out from many bloggers, and other ads that by using your mobile phone to text “Haiti” to 90999, you can immediately donate $10 to the Red Cross International Response Fund. The charge shows up  on your next month’s phone bill. It is very easy and simple. It was $10.00 dollars. We drop that in the bucket all the time on nothing.

Do this today, unite with the world.

Update-After I wrote this post, I found Vanessa through the foundation. This is the news I heard from her.

Our hearts are heavy. So many people have died and more are hurting and dying. Most of our friends and the Simeus family have been safely accounted for and there was no damage to the clinic or home in the countryside. We suspect that Mr. Simeus’ mom’s home in the city is lost, but no confirmation at this time. Very little communication.

As the presidents said on CNN this morning, the best way to help right now is cash. I am recommending Red Cross, Catholic Relief Services, HAS Hospital (www.hashaiti.org/C1a_w1.html) which is treating earthquake victims, or our charity (www.sovelavi.org) which is also operating now on the ground in Haiti.

Rejoice. Joy comes in the morning. Many lives will be inspired from this great tragedy, whether it’s from giving or receiving. Pray for help and healing of a country most deserving. Pray and be moved by their saving grace.

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32 thoughts on “Haiti’s Saving Grace

  1. suzicate

    What a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing the story of Dumas Simeus and your involvement. Prayers to Haiti. And thanks to all the wonderful volunteers and donators.


  2. It shouldn’t have to take a devastation like this to get the world together. But, more often than not, it does. I just hope the unity does not get dissolved too quickly, and the world remembers how wonderful it is when we join hands together in helping each other.


  3. I pray everyday for the nations and people in the world who are crying out and no one is listening. You have posted some very good information and I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I only hope that we can all learn from this tragedy.


  4. Can’t go so far and say I’m glad, but indeed, the media coverage will at least bring attention to Haiti. I hope people respond quick enough to keep the catastrophe from becoming far worse, as will happen if people go without food and water for much longer. (Over from SITS)


  5. Angelia,
    What has happened in Haiti is devastating, and at the same time…bringing hope to a region. May these people find peace in the coming days and months.

    Our church has actively been involved in supporting Haiti, having sent people there for mission work – and supporting others who have went. In fact, a daily email I get related to a retreat I attended a couple of years back – comes from a lady who has moved from here to Haiti to work full time with helping these people out. It was a wonderful email to receive from her, letting everyone know that she (and a group down there from another church) are okay.

    Thanks so much for all you do Angelia…and for spreading the word on how we can all help.


  6. Hi Angelia, Thanks from me also, for sharing this story with your readers. It is sad indeed, that a country, that is crying for help so long, and now, it get the help. I hope the local authorities will cooperate with the aid organisations so the help go to the right places in a minimum of time.

    Thoughts, prayers and gifts for them and other people in the World are what we should do every day.


  7. If not for the earthquake, I wouldn’t have known about Haiti and her people’s long-suffering. Your connection with Haiti’s Saving Grace is God’s plan. Today, with your powerful influence in online blogging, you have pulled people who pray for the country in distress. Count me in.


  8. Thanks for posting this. It’s such a devastating and desperate time, and the reality is, after they get through the passing days, the bigger challenge is what lies ahead in the weeks and months to come. They need our support and prayers…

    By the way, I’ve seen you at The Grown Up Child (love Carolyn’s blog) but am visiting now via SITS! Great blog, look forward to blogging with you!


  9. Suzicate-Thanks for the comment and the recognition. There are great people rising up.

    T-I like your post and your connection. It really does make a difference knowing their history. Thanks for your wonderful post!

    Jonathan-I hope funds, volunteers, and adoptions blow up the system so it takes care of them for YEARS. I think the response so far is overwhelming. 🙂

    Sarah-Thank you! Thanks for stopping by.

    Luisa Doraz-I normally include a prayer for all the hurt people in the world. That’s a wonderful thing to do. Thank you! I hope too.

    Kablooey-I hope so too, desperately. I know the volunteers, search and rescue, and aid are ready. I hope the red tape, and strict rules don’t hurt the process.

    Life with Kaishon-$10.00 is nothing to us. We are RICH. I am so glad you donated! That makes this post worth it.

    Steph-It is, thank you for reading and thinking of them.

    Lance-It is such a relief to hear the news from those connected in mission work. Even those in the countryside of Haiti know so little about what is going on in Port-Au-Prince and quite honestly are probably scared to try and get there. Glad to hear your friends were okay. Thanks, as always, for your very dear comments.

    Mindy-You are welcome. Thank you for your thoughts, they are right on. Let’s take a moment to make a difference for the greater good and unselfishly give.

    Ellen-My thoughts exactly. Thank you for your sentiment, you are so right.

    Purple Hatter-You are sooo creative! Thank you for the wonderful award. Awesome!

    Lita-Thank you, Lita. Your words and thoughts touch me deeply. It means so much when you put it that way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Mommy Bear-There is light in the darkness indeed.

    Theta Mom-I love Carolyn’s blog too! Thanks for visiting me and for the support and prayers. It’s great to be part of this blogging community.

    Ca88andra-It is sad what it takes to get our attention. Thank you for the thoughts and prayers for them.

    Josie-Seriously? That IS incredible! Especially from a 16yr old. I’m proud of her too, hopefully she will tell all her friends what she did and influence THEM. 🙂

    Jenny-It is. It very deeply is. They were already poor and now with even more lost. I can’t help but believe they will rise from the ashes. And maybe the corruption will be gone for good. Keep praying!


  10. Thank you so much for this. You are right, there was so much need before all of this, and it’s long overdue that the world stops and pays attention. I had some limited knowledge due to a family in our church who has adopted 3 children (siblings) from Haiti and is in the process of adopting another. Their stories of their visits have been eye opening.

    I’m visiting you from SITS rollcall today, and wish you a blessed week


  11. What a wonderful post Angelia! It is so much easier to get people to donate money if there is some personal connection. Thank you for giving us that and also the simplicity of the text donating.



  12. It’s sad that without a personal connection to a place, so many of us can pretend a tragedy has not happened. But it is so helpful when people like you, remind us of the faces of individual people that are impacted. It certainly brings the tragedy home in a different way. Many thanks to you for the reminder of Haiti and not letting myself forget, or ignore whats going on there.

    My prayers go out to all, but especially your dear friends who are touched by this in such a profound way.


  13. Peggy Nolan

    I felt the same way when Katrina hit New Orleans – a place I lived only 68 miles away from for six years in the 1980’s.

    On the plane home from Dublin yesterday, the flight attendants colleced for Unicef – specifically for the children of Haiti.

    I donated all the coin I had left…


  14. Oh Angelia, it will stop, all this hurt and pain and ignorance and denial. It will, because of you and others like you who for once technology put to good use with no other agenda than to connect and change.
    Angelia, thank you, xox Wilma


  15. martha orick

    thanks for recognizing my niece vanessa brown on your blog, she is a wonderful constant worker for the haitian
    people. she deserves all the recognizing anyone can give.
    she does not do it for recognizition but thank for doing so


    1. Martha,
      She is indeed and the first person I thought of. I have a card she brought me from Haiti with the children on it. I treasure it. I value her service immensely.
      I probably got some facts wrong here. The errors are all mine.
      Thank you for your comment.


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