The Fine Art of Car Dancing

I’ve been car dancing for as long as I can remember. Maybe I got a little more free with my moves when tinted windows became popular. I guess I thought I was semi-hidden until someone I knew saw me and never let me live it down. Eventually, I just didn’t care anymore. I busted my moves, cut my rug, and mashed those potatoes – in the car, in the grocery aisles, on the sidewalks. If the mood struck, I was DANCING.

Of course the fine art of car dancing is no fun alone, so I taught Sydney. And we didn’t just dance there but everywhere. It wasn’t too long ago we were getting down in the doorway of Pappasitos, waiting for Jason to pull the car around. Laughter bubbled over and who knows? Maybe it infected the restaurant patrons and staff. I’m sure it made a good show, or laugh. Or to them we might be The Crazies, as in the movie we recently watched.

Here is the thing, I have two little girls that are going to be my step daughters. The tradition has to be passed. We are a family of car dancers. They will teach their children, and those children theirs. I started training them last summer in the parking lot of Tom Thumb.

Let me tell ya, it didn’t take long. These kids are naturals. Imagine my delight when Lance from Jungle of Life emailed me about a special project to participate in – an International day of car dancing – brought to you by Katie from The Levity Project. If any of you were around for our mall Laugh fest it’s the same Katie, and the same Levity Project.

Our assignment – to jig it up car dancing all day and video 15-30 seconds of it. A-ha! Our mad skills would be recognized. Our greatness recorded. It was like making it to the Olympics after training all summer. Go team car dancing USA. I have to tell you, it was crazy cool. Contenders for a medal? I’ll let you decide.

I have a full length video of our car dancing day that is just not ready for release (unless you want a DVD mailed). What is ready is the official -GLOBAL- video just released today that includes our segment (3:14) that we sent in.

Great job done by ALL participants from all over the WORLD. I was stunned by the movement of this passion and where it ended up. Lance always includes a note that we are ALL CONNECTED, especially when we do a project of this kind. His post is here. Katie’s post is here.

Funny thing is, one of my GOOD friends is in this video from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. I was so surprised and happy to see her grooving away. I met her a few years ago in person with a group of online ladies in Ohio. We all met on a thirty-something Ediets message board together. Who she knows from the Levity Project? I have no idea. But TRULY, it is a small world and we are ALL connected.

What an honor to be part of this event. I can’t even describe how proud it makes me to know such a life giving group of individuals seeking out ways to touch others with love and laughter.

Get ready to smile, laugh, and don’t forget – DANCE. Please share this video with everyone you know to brighten their day.

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39 thoughts on “The Fine Art of Car Dancing

  1. Angelia!
    Everyone I have shown the video to has loved loved loved your clip. I loved watching your the whole video you did too!
    Thank you for your support and your energy. I have a feeling we will be meeting at some point soon and I look forward to your continued involvement with The Levity Project!

    You and your sweet ones are wonderful!


  2. I REALLY appreciate the people that were STOPPED while dancing with two hands. That makes me feel better on the road.

    And how do I find out what that song is? Usually I google words, but . . . I don’t know those words, but that is a wonderful song!

    Oh, thank you for sharing!!


  3. Angelia!!
    You and those three kids of yours…groovin’ in the car…that is all sorts of awesome!! And to have so many people, all together, united in a moment of joy and fun! Wow!!!

    Keep dancing…
    Pass those skills on to the next generation…

    Dance in your car, at the restaurant, in the parking lot, in your living room, at the grocery store, everywhere!!

    You bring joy, love, and light into this world!! And that is a beautiful gift…


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  6. Those people were for sure getting their happy dances on!! We are proud car dancers as well.

    You and the girls looked fabulous!! They are indeed naturals. =]



  7. That is so dang cool! And you and your girls looked GREAT! Gosh, dancing just makes everything better, doesn’t it. I LOVE IT. My hubby and I dance in the car all the time and I think it’s so funny when we pull up at a stoplight and totally make someone in the next car over start laughing. Spread the laughter, spread the love!!


  8. Yay! So glad to see the fine art of car dancing recognized as it deserves!!! I remember doing it with my mom while waiting to pick up my sister at pre-school 🙂

    — Stopping by from SITS


  9. I LOVE THIS!! I wish I’d known about it sooner. I do this kind of thing all the time but never thought it had a name….car dancing. Go figure! I’m going to have to check the levity project web site more often.
    This is amazing!


  10. I recognized you girls straight away and you do rock. Top of the car open and your dancing came oozing out.
    Jason must get many looks of envy when in the car with all of you. Your dad would have loved it too, he probably does from wherever he is. .
    xox Wilma


  11. That was so cool. Thanks for sharing. I went to Lance’s site to look at the video cause for some reason it didn’t show up on yours and I was showing hubby and when you and the girls popped up I was like “THERE”S ANGELIA AND HER GIRLS!!!” Made my day!


  12. blissbait

    WOWOWOWOWW! OH HOW BRILLIANT!!! SOOOOO Many kindred spirits out there! You guys are WONDERFUL….what joy….what laughs…..what light! THANK YOU!!! Big Hugs and a funny wiggle…..and a Cheers and Namaste to You All! 🙂


  13. Oh that is awesome!

    And Mmmm…….
    Pappasitos! Oh yummy! I moved from the Houston area to Alabama when I got married and oh how I miss those fajitas from Pappasitos! Whenever we fly home we make sure it is around dinner time so we can stop there!

    Happy Saturday Sharefest!!


  14. I sing in the car and turn the music up really loud if I am on my own (a rarity these days) but I do not dance. What a great idea and how lovely you are sharing this and passing it down to your girls.


  15. I can’t help but smile when I see this. And, it puts everyone in a good mood. It’s contagious! Thanks for sharing. Glad I am not the only one grooving to my tunes in my car!!


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