She’s Nine…

Today is my oldest stepdaughter’s birthday…she is NINE.

© Angelia's Photography

When I met her, she was only four years old.

© Angelia's Photography

When I started this blog? Five.

© Angelia's Photography

I have watched go from a super smart four-year-old to a dang-near genius nine-year old. The kid is smarter than most people I know. Heh.

© Angelia's Photography

She loves every dog in the house for the pets, her iPhone for the music, her sister for the playing, and her Daddy for the hugs.

© Angelia's Photography

I’m pretty sure she will grow up to be a Doctor, or an architect.

The Doctor part, because she insisted on performing surgery when she was four. I am still not sure what was wrong with my leg, but when she stabbed it with something sharp and I screamed, “Owwww!” She laughed evilly……

Yep. Doctor.

Or an Architect because that girl can build two-story forts in the living room, and a five-room house with blankets below it. The construction site is a disaster amazing.

© Angelia's Photography

She insists on calling me Mom. I am her step-mom…..she knows this. I couldn’t and wouldn’t take her Mom’s place. Her Mom has a kinship with her that can never be replaced. She loves her Mom more than anything. But I know why she does it. I had a step-dad and I HATED the step part. I felt like it took something away from what he was to me. So I get it. I am her mom (step) and I am so proud to be that to her.

© Angelia's Photography

This young lady is, no doubt, going to take the world by storm.

© Angelia's Photography

She is everything bright, fun, and beautiful and I love her with all my heart.

Happy 9th Birthday to my girl Molly!

In another news, we are frantically preparing for the big Gender Reveal party tomorrow. I can’t believe IN ONE DAY I will know if it is a GrandGirl or a GrandBoy. I am excited beyond belief and busy, oh so busy, getting allllllllll the pink and blue stuff together.

I will definitely post photos!

Hope everyone is doing well.

18 thoughts on “She’s Nine…

  1. nuttysquirrel72

    Happy Birthday, Molly! 🙂 Angelia – I know exactly what you mean about stepparents. I’ve known my stepdad since I was four years old and I’ve never called him my stepdad. It always felt wrong. He has always been Dad to me. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Molly is a beautiful girl and I can tell how very much she means to you. The last two pictures are my favorites. You have a way of perfectly capturing emotions with your camera. It’s amazing!



    Angelia, once again my friend, your photographs BLEW ME AWAY! You have such a talent for capturing the ‘essence’ of the person(s) you take photographs of because you can literally feel them through the images.

    “The kid is smarter than most people I know. Heh.”

    And I’m not at all surprised because she looks smart. And she also looks so sweet and sensitive. Love the shot of Molly laughing. And also the one of she and her sister hugging. So adorable!

    I had a stepmother as well, who I also referred to as my Mother because in my heart, she was.

    Beautiful post, my friend. Always so happy to see that you posted.

    Have a lovely weekend!


  3. Your birthday girl is beyond stunning – butterfly earrings and all. I get the ‘step’ part. It has that Cinderella connotation to it. Blah! There should be a sweeter sounding name for it. Maybe Perfectly-Special-mom. 😉


  4. pattisj

    I’m late for the birthday, hope Molly had a very special, memorable day. What lovely young ladies. Can’t wait to hear the baby news!


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