The BIG News

Since the day she first told me she was pregnant, there have been two questions I desperately wanted to know:

When was the baby due?

Luckily, the first one was very easy to pinpoint from tons of due date calculators online. I did two things right after she told me, called my gyno’s office to make an appointment and googled when her due date would be. September 1st was the winner (and the doctor confirmed). September will be here before we know it. And I must say, that is sooooo close to my birthday, August 23rd. Maybe, just maybe, I will have an early birthday present.

The other burning question at the time…what would it be?

Girl or Boy?

After a loooooonnnng 22 weeks…….I, finally, know the answer.

I must admit…I was Team Pink all they way.
Week 16 - Project 52 - Sweet

Which to some…is very surprising. I have a girl, two bonus girls, and three of my four dogs are girls. Why in the world would I want to have another girl in the family?

It’s simply really…

The clothes. Oh my gosh, the cute pink, and ruffly clothes.

The sweetness. Well, that is any baby, but tiny pierced ears, dresses, and wearing my mom’s baby ring kind of sweetness.

The fact that my girl gets to know what it is like to have a girl and experience the unbreakable bond of mother and daughter.

Brandon will have his little Daddy’s girl. Which we all know….is something else!

We couldn’t be happier (and would have LOVED having a boy if it had been). It was a win, win either way.

I should have known by the sonogram photo.

© Angelia's Photography

The girl has our nose. It is plain as day. And she is not a morning girl (just like me and Sydney). In the ultrasound room, the tech had to wake her up. She was snuggled up snoozing. After banging on Sydney’s belly, she finally rolled over, yawned REAL big, and then started sucking her thumb. Oh yes, that’s our girl all right. Sydney had three pacifiers when she was little. One for each hand and one for her mouth. I sucked my thumb until I started kindergarten.

We got our first girl outfit when Jason came back from dropping the girls off at their Mom’s. A sweet little baby sundress with an adorable white sweater cover. What did I tell ya? Sweetness! I think the girl’s mom is just as excited as we are. Another girl to go with all the girls.

I bought my first baby girl outfit too.

© Angelia's Photography

I just couldn’t resist. How perfect is that. The girl will be the most photographed baby EVER. I need to start exercising my shutter finger. She will be here before we know it.


And yes, names are being thrown around, but nothing is decided yet. Apparently, the only names discussed previously were for a boy. Um, Surprise!

I will share all the amazing Gender Reveal party photos soon. We had an outstanding photographer there and it wasn’t me.

42 thoughts on “The BIG News

  1. Angelia, you should see me SMILING while reading this post!!!

    First, CONGRATULATIONS on finding out that it’s a girl. You GO, girls!!!!

    Second, LOVE all the photos. The first collage is so precious. Love the expression on your daughters face because you can FEEL her excited emotion in the photo! Also, the photo of she and her husband is to touching!

    “I bought my first baby girl outfit too.”

    Faaaaaaaabulous outfit! And per-fect!

    Thanks so much for sharing the great news, my friend. Looking forward the Gender Reveal Party!

    X to you and your family!


  2. Congratulations to you all! I love how you all announced the big news! Your daughter is glowing beautifully. Isn’t it amazing how far technology has come with Ultrasound? Back when I had my kids ahhhhemmmm…twentysomeyearsago, I was lucky just to find out the sex. Now you can see them so clearly…I mean sucking her thumb! How adorable and precious is that!?


  3. Yay!! A girl!! I have 2 nephews and while I adore them, there’s nothing like the sweetness of a baby girl. The pink and the cute outfits – they make me smile. Congrats again and great photos!!


  4. Such a cute way to do the big reveal! I’m so happy for you. Being a grandmother is so amazing. You think you could never love anyone as much as you love your kids and then bam! Grandbabies. We are getting another boy, but trust me, they are special too. 🙂


    1. Awe! That is too cool. They will be best friends for life. Nothing like a brother’s bond. And I know I will be amazed when she is born. I’m trying to prepare, but I have a feeling I will melt on the spot.


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