Word-ish Wednesday

It’s all about happy times this last week. Lots of joys, birth milestones, and appreciation for the family we have – by birth, by marriage, by choice. Here are some of my memories frozen for your viewing pleasure (and yes, I still loooove my camera).

Sydney’s Doll Cake.

Morning of her 16th birthday – the most emotional birthday for me, so far.

Something about being two years from 18. I’m told it only gets better from here. That is really comforting to know.

A pinata for a six year old.

Water slide extraordinaire making a splash on her birthday.

Swimming end of April…….only in Texas.

Molly, I hope you never change, stay sweet and funny. Love the look. This will be a great blackmail pic. HA.

Giving thanks for this mom for giving birth to my future husband (on the left), for being Grandma of two amazing little girls (and the many other gorgeous grandchilden), and for giving so much of her heart to her family. You are beautiful inside and out. You can be proud of the family you created.

A Mom and her miracle baby, Mother’s Day 2010.

It’s all about joy my friends. If you don’t have it, get it. If you get it, share it.

Happy Wednesday!

34 thoughts on “Word-ish Wednesday

  1. LOOK AT YOU GO! The pictures look FABULOUS!! 🙂 I’m so glad you posted them!! I’ve been wanting to see the action!! I cannot wait to meet everyone in October!! It’s gonna’ be magical!! Have a fabulous day my dear friend!


  2. Lori Fincher

    Hey Ange, :O)

    I loved your pictures. You are a talented writer AND photographer! What a super family you have. I am SOOoooo happy for you guys. Love ya!!


  3. I see a lot of Love, Joy, Pride, and Happiness in these pictures, Thank You for sharing them with us, you just have to feel better just looking at them 🙂


  4. What great pictures. Thank you for the sweet comment in my blog, it really means a lot. And thank you for stopping by and making my SITS day so fabulous!


  5. Hey everyone!-I hope you don’t mind me addressing you all.

    First off, THANK YOU for the comments on my pictures. I really am new to photography and don’t know anything, so to get positive responses just makes my day! I really do try to capture what my “eye” sees which is hard to do. I have a new respect for photographers. It is tough work, but very rewarding.

    Secondly, I would LOVE to make you ALL a Barbie Birthday cake. You deserve it for leaving me nice comments that I appreciate and adore SOOOOOO much. However, the cake I bake would NOT look like that! LOL! Jason’s mom is the master cake baker. She has baking talent I couldn’t even dream of!

    The girls LOVED the cakes and they were super delicious. I really love how she made each girls’ cake to resemble them. Awh! It was too precious.

    Love to you all! I can’t thank you enough.


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