Kids of Summer

Every year since Sydney was about five years old, we said good-bye, as she spent time in the summer with her Dad, her Nana, Aunts, Uncles, and many cousins. This is typical of divorced families, as it something usually set in the divorce decree. We pack our babies up and send them to Dad’s for a month.

Summer after the divorce.

It’s part of the divorce life. For me, it wasn’t so bad. I got a break from single parenting and her Dad got to really live with her for a while. Sydney loves her Dad.

Image from Facebook.

She loves to spend time with him and he is a wonderful man (hey, I have to give myself some credit, I did marry him, right?). We get along, not because we are all that (although we are very good friends), but because we both love this little girl soooo much. It is our desire to make life easier for her. So as ugly as the divorce was, we made it work for the best. After a year, we didn’t even go by the custody papers. He could spend time with her, whenever he wished. And the summer month of custody got longer. The one month turned into two.

It was hard when she was little. I didn’t call every day. I felt she was with him, and needed that alone time. Usually she was out-of-town, either on trips with him, or visiting relatives in Oklahoma. I’m not sure when she started going to Gulfport Beach, Mississippi. Maybe, when she was ten or eleven years old. Her Aunt, her Dad’s sister, lives there, and wanted her to visit. It’s an hour from Pensacola, Florida. It’s on the beach. Lots of fun touristy things to do. Plus, who wouldn’t LOVE being spoiled by an Aunt who only has one niece.

So off she would go every summer, somewhere, mainly the Gulf Coast. Her Dad moved there last year, so her trips to Gulfport – more regular. Spring Break, and summer. Yeah, tough life, huh kid?

Image from Facebook.

This year was no exception, she left at the beginning of June. In honor of her sweet sixteen birthday, her Aunt took her on a cruise for five days. They had a party for her on the boat. Seriously? This kid lives large.

Image by Facebook.

One of the port stops – Cozumel, Mexico.

Image by Facebook.

The cruise is not all. She typically gets to attend every concert venue at the Hard Rock Hotel. Has met multiple celebrities back stage. During the day, she gets her choice of the pool, water park, or beach. Then, weekend, or day trips, to Gulf Shores, Alabama, and Mobile. Her summer is filled with precious memories. I couldn’t ask for anything better for my daughter, to get to live, and experience life at many places, and with many different people.

The last two years, summers have been a little more bearable. We have text messaging, and Facebook to keep in touch. Both of us have an iPhone 3GS, we can send short videos and pictures. It has kept her up-to-date on Brownie and her (almost) step-sisters.

This is the first year (since 1999) that I have spent time feeling sad and REALLY missing her. Maybe as the clock turns, and her summers come to end (as she knows it and me), it’s harder.

Maybe, I just miss my buddy that makes me laugh and goes to the movies with me. I miss our favorite meal; Penna Rustica at Macaroni Grill. But really, I miss her company most of all.

Pretty soon, she will be working, driving, graduating, and moving on to college, or a career. Summers end. For good.

Image by Angel Lia’s Photography.

I miss you Sydney!

Jason’s summer month with the girls (experiencing the flip side of divorce has been so different) is also coming to a close. As you can see from some of the posts, we had some great times. Water parks, movies, mini dates, and playing princess at the nail salon. Three more days and the girls go from every night sleeping at Dad’s except four; to four nights sleeping at Dad’s. It is going to be a big change for us all. We have really squeezed every drop of fun out of this summer. It will be hard to see them go, especially knowing how long the gaps are in-between.

I’m sure it’s the same for Sydney’s Dad. The good news is…….he is moving back to Texas. Being nine hours closer to her Dad, Stepmom, and little brother will be a dream come true.

Parents, the summer is wrapping up. The kids will be coming home. If you are like me, they return, older, taller, and more mature. Your heart does a little flip-flop, because HOW could they grow that much, that fast. Every year it’s the same astonishment. One thing that won’t be a surprise, that first hug – it’s the sweetest I know.

Can’t wait! See ya soon, Syd.

27 thoughts on “Kids of Summer

  1. What a beautiful entry!

    “Parents, the summer is wrapping up.”

    My wife is a high school math teacher and she got really sad when we went to Target the other day and they were having a Back-To-School sale. Normally, she looks forward to going back since she loves her job, but since it’ll be her first day being away from D2 for 8+ hours and having to dust off the old breast pump, she’d be saddened by your statement. 😛 But then again, it’s also an exhortation to enjoy what time we have left.


  2. It’s great that in spite of the divorce you and your ex became/stayed friends and that Sydney has been able to experience some amazing summers. Even cooler that her dad is moving back to Texas since her ‘Summers End’ is imminent when she starts working, driving, graduating, and moving on to college, or a career. 🙂 I wish I had been able to experience some amazing summers like Sydney did! 🙂


  3. Your daughter is beautiful. She is lucky to have parents who care about her so much. My sister and the father of her children do not have that type of relationship, and it makes me sad.


  4. I can’t confirm this story from the parents’ side of view, but I can say that your daughter is really gifted to have such a great family. I’ve got an uncle who has no kids and he supports all of us nieces and nephews on our travels abroad, even sometimes taking us on vacation, too…


  5. Yogasavy

    A wonderful relationship is key and you have that. May it continue for ever even through the ups and downs of the circle of life.


  6. It’s wonderful to see that things really can be worked out in a way that reinforces the children after a divorce–there is already enough working against them. Very inspirational, and great pictures to go with.



  7. You have really done your daughter a great service by encouraging her relationship with her dad. I’ve known a few divorced friends who almost felt it their duty to ruin that connection. Horrible. Your love for Sydney rings through every word you write and it looks like her love for you is just as strong! I have no doubts that your relationship will weather every change in the years to come! 🙂


  8. I just love how yall worked it out and have a relaxed divorce custody/visitation. If only all could be like that.
    Yes, I must say Sydney has had a good life getting to visit with family and experience the world.
    I am a wee bit jealous! My parents divorce was so awful, I saw my mother four times through out my 41yrs. Sydney is a very lucky girl!

    I have noticed that you are now seeing the other side of divorce, the rules and regulations. I think that is great that you can reveal to us both sides of the coin.

    I know you will be glad to have Sydney back again, but with it comes the loss of the younger ones. Bittersweet, I would say.


  9. suzicate

    If only more people would put their differences aside and work together for the sake of the kids, the world would be such a better place. Hats off to you and Sydney’s dad!


  10. I think it is admirable that you and Sydney’s father are able to so amicably agree over the daughter you love and how wonderful then that he is moving back to Texas, making transitions easier and time spent apart from your daughter for each of you possible in shorter bursts. I can only imagine how much you miss your daughter right now, but think it so wonderful that at the same time you are happy knowing she is enjoying being with other family members.


  11. runrettarun

    Your girls are beautiful! I love how you and your ex worked things out and get along for the sake of your child. My parents so did not! I really admire when people can overcome the nastiness of divorce and put their children first. 🙂 Bravo to you!

    So you’re a former Okie, huh? Small world for sure!


  12. I think it’s great that you and your ex were able to stay friendly after the divorce.
    It makes it so much easier for the kids (and for the parents too probably) when the divorced parents don’t hate each other. I wish my parents were on better terms. I wouldn’t say they hate each other, but I wouldn’t call them friends either.


  13. She is a lucky girl! Great experiences that she’ll cherish forever. Especially once she moves onto “real” life with no summer vacations. lol

    I understand the punch gut feeling of missing the kid. Oh how I do!

    Tell her we’ll meet next time we’re in Dallas!!


  14. You have a sweet daughter. She is able to have a youth full of fun and love from both her parents and family. What a great thing for you and her dad to know she is having this all!


  15. I love summer… we get the graqndkids more often and longer, get to do more fun stuff. “sigh” Yep, 3 more weeks until school. Guess I better cram some more grandkid time in, huh. LOL!

    Great post, Angelia! You are blessed. =)


  16. I love that Sydney has such a great relationship with her dad. And that you do, too. When my Angelia was smaller and after the divorce……well, it was hell.
    Before she could ever get to know him, when she wanted to, he died. So there has been so many unanswered questions from her.
    She is sure growing up to be a beauty!


  17. Aww. What a lovely little miss you “card”. The internet allows us to do things so differently. And we get to share in the moment.

    It is so nice that you and your ex-husband really focus on what is important – Sydney. Sydney and her happiness and education, letting her see that people that can’t live together can still work together towards a common goal.

    And how lucky she is. A cruise. I love cruises.

    Thank you for sharing this little snippet of your life with us!


  18. Sydney

    I did love reading this post! It was good. I miss you, I can’t wait to give you a big HUG. I don’t know if I got much taller, but I will assure I am much much tanner 😛

    Love ya


  19. WOW…he got a whole month….we’re supposed to get 2 weeks…this is the first year that hasn’t happened…he’s got a job and football and we’re 45 mins away…so we lost A LOT of time with him since moving. Our weekends disappeared…and forget our tuesday/thursday dinners!!! Sad really how fast they really DO grow up!!!


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