I wished for a cool breezy wind

Instead, I got slap of scorching hot blaze. The kind that sucks the air out of your lungs and makes you wish for an ice fishing hole on a frozen lake in Alaska.

The Japanese gardens – hands down – a stunningly beautiful place. But WHY do I always end up here when the temps are scalding? Summer in Texas is not kind. It’s not even safe to walk from your house to your car. It’s like orange pollution alert EVERY DAY. But, it’s really a double-edged sword. In the winter, it’s not near as beautiful as this.

That’s how we end up here to feed the koi and my latest obsession of photography. Granted, it’s only end of May. Which should still be spring. But not here. We are transported instantly to Japan and the sweltering humidity.

Look at her little red face.

We took the paths. We looked at the zen garden – which was sand – which was even hotter. Not to mention the girls were RUNNING around the zen garden – giggling, bouncing, and whoops; let’s just say not zen(ish) behavior.

Maybe, feeding the fish would make us feel cooler, yes?

I have never wanted to be a fish so badly before. Fed by children. Cooling my fins in the great depths of the fish pond.


On second thought…….

Not so much.

We trooped, sweat, and enjoyed the fresh furnace air – turn upon every lovely turn.

Then, thankfully after the last teasing waterfall we finished our tour. Distributed all our fish food and headed to the exit. I don’t think anyone was more grateful for the car A/C than me.

Now, I really want to see the Botanical Gardens, but I’m not sure I will survive. I’m hoping by November the flowers will be blooming and not the heat.

Mama's Losin' ItI chose prompt number – 5.) What did you wish for most? Write about a time when it was just too hot.

28 thoughts on “I wished for a cool breezy wind

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  2. You’ve done it again- photo session much in progress! I love the views but let me see, I’m more in love with the lovely kids! Oh, how they’ve grown. Congratulations on this new career- photography and tourist guide. Cheers, Sweetie!


  3. I love the picture of the fish with his mouth open!! And – what troopers you have – making the most of the heat!!!

    Someday it will be winter here in Wisconsin…and I’ll be so wanting a bit of that heat you have…


  4. The girls are just so beautiful. So cute.

    These are great shots. It is amazing how it LOOKS so cool. 😉

    I love feeding koi, having them nibble on my fingers. So fun.

    Thank you for sharing such beauty. I love the shots.


  5. What great pictures again. Didn’t realize Texas could be so stifling. I lived there almost a year a long time ago, but even though the temperatures often topped 100 degrees, I found it more bearable than the humid heat-waves we sometimes get here. Maybe I was just too young to notice. 🙂

    Really love your bridge photograph.



  6. The heat this summer sure has been killer – I’m in S. GA, and with the humidity especially I must agree that I am loving the AC this year too.
    What is it about watching your kids enjoy something that makes it so much more enjoyable? Feeding fish, admiring a plant, watching the water rush over the falls – seen through the eyes of a child just makes it magical again.
    Thanks for sharing!


  7. This brings back wonderful memories of the Memphis Botanical Gardens, where I took my grandchildren before they got too old to appreciate it. I love your carp pics! I have a lot of my own! Keep it up, sister! You are a great role model!


  8. Georgia is hot, too. I think it’s hot everywhere. Our humidity has finally crept up to the 80s and 90s so it’s sweltering. Kind of like walking around with your head in a plastic ziplock bag.
    Those photos look so refreshing. I would have never known it was so hot. But I can still remember mygrowing-up days in Dallas. Yep, hot way back then, too.
    Lovely post, Angelia.


  9. All of those pics were great but oh how I loved the bridge with the duck!

    Where was this at? We have a Japanese Gardens here and it is just as beautiful. I’m surprised yall are getting out in this weather, it is just so blasted hot!


  10. Like always, your pictures are great. If I lived anywhere in your area you’d be the one to shoot my wedding photographs.
    If you’ve had enough of the heat, send some over to us. We’re suffering a very cool and rainy summer…


  11. BEAUTIFUL pics! And I had to laugh alittle…it seems that every time we decide to do something like extensive yard work…we pick the hottest week of the year, lol.

    OH…I forgot, my favorite of these pics is the fish and the bird! OMG, GREAT CAPTURE!


  12. I LOVE FISH PHOTOS! Yours are superb! Koi love dry cat food. I used to take the grands to the Memphis Botanical Gardens to feed the koi. Those big fishies had my number! The would climb over each other just to get a bite.

    On the serious side: You are such a wonderful mother and step-mother. Those girls are soooo lucky to have you. Will you adopt me and take me to the koi pond??


  13. Looks like a wonderful place–well earned after braving the heat.

    We have a goldfish feeding spot with lots of ponds and a waterfall. It has become a regular stop for me and the kids during the week.


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