Wordless Wednesday: For My Foodie Friends

I posted a little about attending the Emirates Air Event. It took place at the Cowboys Stadium and we dined on the field.

The food was delicious and AMAZING in presentation. I took photographs to document these tasty morsels and share with all my fare lovin’ friends. I even snapped the menu! So you could see all the fancy names I can’t pronounce…..


The appetizer - Nicoise Salad with fresh poached shrimp and seared tuna fish.
Quail Egg
The main course - Char Grilled Tenderloin Fillet with wild mushrooms and potato croquettes.
The Dessert - Crispy Banana Napoleon.

I am still impressed with their menu and service.

Happy February 1st!!!!

14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: For My Foodie Friends

  1. Yum! All except for the salade nicoise – unless they will take the olives out of it, i wouldn’t eat it – but then I suppose it wouldn’t be salade nicoise! Otherwise, it looks like it was a grand and beautifully fattening night! 😆


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