Dear Office Space

I worked with you for many years.


Through traffic jams.


Down loooong underground hallways (between you and me…..I would always imagine running in terror down this hallway from something large and fierce, barely making it out the glass doors to the garage). And this is why you shouldn’t let your thirteen-year old read Stephen King books. And can I add? They pipe creepy elevator music down this tunnel making it seem like some kind of secret science project straight of Lost.


Up elevators to the fourth floor.


Riding the elevators would take forrrrrrever! Mostly on Mondays, and coming back from lunch late.


In my work suite, I would hide in my cubbie all day.


Popping up like a hamster to talk to fellow co-workers, or see who came in the door.

Being right next to the child support office, we had a lot of stragglers (not that the door didn’t say WHO we were), and rumor is……the waiting room at that government office had walls padded with Kevlar. Really!


My fourth floor window overlooked the Naval base. The high-sped jets, and the incoming storms were a sight to see.


I enjoyed the MOST amazing sunsets.

Oh, my dear, dear office space….I will MISS you.


NOTHING compares to the glorious office space of HOME.


It happened. I have joined thousands of workers, and employers that have implemented cost-saving measures (no rent, no gas, no commute) to office from home. After working in West Fort Worth, and commuting 30+ miles for over thirteen years, I am now working that same job in the comfort of my front room. I must say…’s different. I feel like I am playing hookey, but working harder than ever. I am sure I will get more used to it. I noticed last night, I did not have to sit in Ranger Game traffic to get home. My friends, that saved me over an hour of frustration. Oh yes, I think I will get used to this…..wouldn’t you?

See ya office space…it’s been great knowing you.

Now, I’m off to take my first shower in five days, and maybe I’ll change into a new pair of jammies….HA. I’m, of course, KIDDING.

Photos by iPhone 4S

16 thoughts on “Dear Office Space

  1. That’s fantastic! After many years of getting up at 0:dark 30 to commute to NYC, I started working at home in 1997 and have never looked back! Once you get used to it (sounds like you pretty much already are), you won’t ever want to go back! BTW, in one of the photos it looks like there are tornados in the distance.


  2. So, I would like to say that I work at home too. But, unlike the prior commenters my job does not come with a salary! hehe
    Teaching your children at home doesn’t count as employment, but there is no commute either (except to soccer, and t-ball, and science club…) I’m have no complaints!
    I’ll have to agree also that it looks like tornados in the background of one of your sunset pictures. So beautiful though.


  3. I used to work in an office very near a medical center that helped people without insurance and we used to get a lot of different people in our building. They often used our common-to-all-offices-in-the-building bathroom as their own personal bathroom taking “baths” in the sink. Also there was an FBI office upstairs and we used to see a few things come in and out of there. Undercover agents (big men dressed as women) and groups of men in vest and a load of weapons gathered in the parking lot. Whew!

    I am so glad you are enjoying your home office. But, yeah, ya kinda know what I mean by you seem to “work more”. Maybe because of what you said, “it feels like you are playing hookey” so you work longer/harder.

    Oatmeal has a funny cartoon about work from home. I’m gonna go find it to show you.



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