The Mustache Family Halloween Portraits

It’s not every day the Mustache Family takes a photo.

Normally a shy family, mustaches and all, we have to be careful who we show our mugs to.

I mean, we like us….

And we don’t think we are weird… all.

We are, simply, one big happy mustache family (with a bit of googly-eyed-secret-agent-pirate-mixed-in).

We are us.

And being us? It’s not soooo bad.

The new normal they speak of?

And maybe, we don’t share our great googly madness often enough.

But, when we do? It’s on this holiday. I think we are worth the wait, right?

At this very moment, we are prepping our fur family to join the mustache clan.
They are working extremely hard to adapt to our strange ways art of mustache coolness (with a twist). Heh.

They have the look.

They have the fur.

I think all they need…..

…is the stache.

Happy Halloween from our family to yours. Boo!

Disclaimer: No pets were harmed in the making of this post…..maybe slightly embarrassed?….but well-compensated with treats.

67 thoughts on “The Mustache Family Halloween Portraits

  1. petit4chocolatier

    I love this! How wonderfully cute! Love the dogs and your disclaimer : )
    The dogs look so natural with their costumes; especially Miss Tiara!
    Happy Halloween to your beautiful family!


  2. pattisj

    What a cute post! I’m glad the pets joined in, they are family, too–and I guess you all have rubbed off on them! Thanks for the smiles!


  3. I love love love those pictures. I have a soft spot for mustaches being I have my own personal collection.

    Once shortly after my cousin separated from her husband I noticed she was being followed we figured it was probably a private detective hired by her husband.

    I went to the store and got some mustaches and we wore them every time we went out, figured that would send the message to “the soon to be ex” that she knew she was “on to” the whole being followed thing and that maybe he should give it up.


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