Christmas Outtakes

I think we need a few laughs today. I know I do. Is it me? Or is this the LONGEST week of the year? I’m sure it would be faster if I wasn’t working, if work wasn’t busy, and if I didn’t have two work projects breathing down my neck.

The good news is…there is only ONE more day of work, then I’m off and it’s my husband’s BIRTHday! Yes, that’s right. A New Year’s Eve baby. A very special one at that. I found the perfect presents and if you are keeping track that’s – graduation, Christmas, and now birthday – all in ONE month.


But I digress…..back to the outtakes. To get the perfect picture, you have to take LOTS of imperfect ones. I happen to like those just as much…hope you do too.

Salem, please don’t smile like that. How about smile with no teeth?

Anna, try not to look so scared huh? I need a smile.

ANNA! STOP LOOKING SCARED!! (I think I just scared her)

Wardrobe malfunction adjustment.

Perfect! Right?

Give me a nice smile girls…..ahhhh dog!

Wait for it….

Lol! Maybe a tad less enthusiasm on the grin.

No peeking.

All are sleeping, dreaming, and giggling??

Hey, wake up…Santa

You can’t go wrong from the back in pretty dresses and a gorgeous fall backyard.

This was the final take and the card we mailed out.

A round of applause please, for the wonderful Christmas photo shoot outtakes.

The next few days are the last of the year.

I hope to post a few reflections. Truth is? This year was a blur. Moving, marrying, hospital rooms, and photo shoots. It’s all a big ball of – Did that really happen?

I guess it did.

2011 the year I turn 40!

14 thoughts on “Christmas Outtakes

  1. I love the outtakes. They are so cool. And the final version was perfect! I love your photos. You have done such a great job and come so far this year. I know it has been wonderful and nerve wracking all at the same time!


  2. *applause applause* You’re right, the outtakes are just as adorable as the others. All hold a tale and meaning. I love the picture of all the girls walking in the fall leaves. So beautiful!


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