What makes me smile

Coming home to these furry faces. I just wuv em’!

Salem my 8 year old lab and Brownie my less than a year old shih-tzu pup.

I know. I know. I could have said my husband, my children, and many other things. And they DO make me smile bunches and bunches, lots of times, but guess who never fails to greet me first thing through the front door when I get home?

Yep. These guys.

Pell mell, over and under, up and down, “Hi Mom! Hiiiiii! It’s been like forrrrrevvver!!! Oh, we are so happy to see you!”

Tails beat the walls. Fur paws catch some air. Little bounces, smiles and circles. Then they usually run to the other people in the house like, “Look!! She’s here! She’s HERE!”

There is nothing like that kind of attention when you open the door to home. Nothing.

So yes, I love my fur kids. I love their fur faces. I love their pure fur enthusiasm and joy. They make me smile.

I wish I could bottle up their loyalty and sell it.

I just love her big paws.

I wish I could tap into their patience when I am feeling on edge.

A Puppy named Brownie grows up.

I wish I could spread their intrigue of all things great and small. Exploring, pouncing, and discovering – leafs, bugs, and crumbs.

Brownie and middle dog Anna.

I wish I could encourage with a sniff and a nudge to make nice.

Brownie and Salem.

And I wish I could advise you to curl up to your most admired friend for a snuggle and a play.

The life of being care-free and cared for in a house that is always exciting, because…Mom’s home!!!! She’s here! She’s here!

15 thoughts on “What makes me smile

  1. angie hottentots

    Your fur babies are just precious! And I agree, there’s nothing like the loyalty and love you get from a pet, especially a dog.


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  3. Oh, I LOVE this post! I always say even if I walk out to the mailbox, when I return my dogs greet me as if I’d left for 6 weeks. Nobody else ever does that! Their unconditional love and devotion is priceless. Sure, humans come first (most of the time) but my animals are very special to me.


  4. Maddy

    Awww!! I would want to come home to those adorable faces too!! No pets (our apartment won’t allow it), but as soon as we get a house, I want a pup too!


  5. Your posts are always so wonderful. I admire your positivity, your amazing amount of love for everyone and everything in you life. And I love you furry family. You are right, their unconditional love is awe-inspiring!


  6. I love when pets do a door greeting. We don’t have a dog, but we have a cat and she greets us at the door. While she is not as exuberant as a dog, the fact that she is there at all is wonderful. Often she is just waking up so she had squinty face and it is so cute. If we take “too long” getting in the house she meows at us. She is funny.


  7. I swear, my dog has short term memory. If I even leave the apartment to retrieve something from the car, she’s spastic when I re-enter.


    At least, that’s what I THINK she says…

    I love the ones of Anna and Brownie. I only wish I could get Bailey to hold cute poses like that. She nearly ate a Christmas hat I made (tried to make her) wear!


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