I’m Dating my Daughter

What can I say? She is the perfect date.

Adorable, talkative, but not too talkative. She eats enough, but not too much (most of the time).

Usually, I learn something new in our conversations; about her friends, her school, or her hobbies.

We don’t “date” near enough, but when the chance comes, we dine.


We went to her favorite restaurant Macaroni Grill – mine is Carrabba’s.

They had the cutest water bottle for the table. I ADORED it!


We had bread and olive oil dip in spices.


We had a nice back table with crayons.


We both had the same meal (great minds) – Penne Rustica. I have no idea what they put it in it, but GEEZ!, it’s gooooood.


And a view of the wine. I did not have any wine..I just enjoyed the view.


We left there and went to get dessert. We ended up at Chili’s having the molten lava chocolate cake.


We dug a tunnel to the lava. It was DELISH!

I got pretty full, thankfully, not too full to walk. If I hadn’t gone for a walk tonight (to walk off the lava cake!), I would have missed tonight’s moon.

Perfect ending to a perfect date!

When was your last great date?

****One of my newborn photographs was featured in Hawaii…swing by Maui Shop Girl’s blog post and check it out. Thanks girl!

31 thoughts on “I’m Dating my Daughter

  1. That is awesome! I wrote a post one time about building a relationship with your teen by scheduling a date like this. What a great idea. Thanks for visiting my blog today!


  2. Sounds like your date was perfect! Oh and I loved the moon picture. Would love to know the lens you used/exposure etc….My last great date was sort of a double date – with both my boys in their early 20’s.

    We got together to humor me of course, went to a nearby park and threw a baseball just like days gone by. I actually wore them out! We laughed and talked and threw a baseball under the Florida sun. We all three sign the baseball and I have it (and two others similarly signed) on my desk at work.


    1. Mike- That sounds like such a GREAT day! I love that you all signed the ball and you have it for a memento. I used ISO 200, SS 125, and f8 (or 11). I toggled. Really screwed up the first couple of shots by having the ISO too high. Totally forgot it had to be low for the moon. I wish I would have used my 70-300 lens. I may try again. 🙂


  3. nuttysquirrel72

    This is so inspiring! You’re such a fun and creative mom! My husband’s favorite restaurant is Macaroni Grill and mine is Carrabba’s too! 🙂


  4. That is why I have to get a new camera – the moon – I tried to take a picture of it last week it was full and lighting up some clouds – with my puny 3X zoom it looked like a smudge!

    I like Carrabbas too – we actually don’t have one where I live – we don’t have much (my nearest Target or Walmart is 50 minutes away!

    Love the mother daughter date night I hope I have that kind of relationship with my daughter one day!


  5. I love that you take your daughter on dates. My mom did the same when I was growing up and I really want to continue this tradition with my own kids. It looks like you both had a great time (and that food looks scrumptious!)


  6. I wish I could date my son and daughter. Even just once in a great while. She’s too busy and my son lives far away. It is great when you want to be with your adult kids, not just because they are your kids and you love them, but because they are just cool as a person to hang with and the age gap does not necessarily emerge. That’s what I miss.


  7. Date night looks like lots of fun and ton of calories – my favorite kind of night! I love your relationship with your daughter! It’s so nice that you’re close 🙂


  8. Mom

    Hey, I think your daughter is adorable also. I love having her help me cook and I was thinking this morning that Brandon is a delight( as I walked through the leaves to get to the car. I need to call him and make a deal to get rid of then. Have a great day!
    Love you,Mom


  9. She seems like such a sweet girl, how fun to have a girls’ night out with your daughter!…There is no macaroni grill on Maui but I used to go to the one in Honolulu when I lived there. I loved the water bottles too. My favorite was this tomato penne dish, can’t remember what it was called but it had some kick to it.


  10. The ladies’ date is essential! Wonderful photos! You’ll have to give me tips on getting along so well with a teenage (is she yet?) daughter. Stella and I are in love now, but I know it was really hard between my mother and I as I got older! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!


  11. Awww. So sweet you got to go on a date. I am partial to Carrabba’s too, but I would have let Syd pick also!

    Glad you had such a great time.

    Since life sometimes takes us separate ways, I consider a great date to be something I get to do with my hubby. Even if it is something we have to do, but we end up doing it together. Don’t ge me wrong we go out on nice dinner dates and have nice “regular” date-type dates, but you asked about the LAST great date and the the last one for me was this past Saturday where we went to lunch with my aunt. My hubby didn’t have to come as I wanted to see my aunt, but he did too, so to me that was “date” like. Then we went to Costco (shopping? A date? Yes, because we were together!). Then when we got home we spent over an hour “processing” all of the meat we bought. It was a together thing and I really enjoyed it. I love doing things with my hubby!


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