Yo, Where my apps at?

Where my apps at? Yo.

Where my apps at? Where my apps at? Where they at?

I got pride in i cause my apps are pretty fly.

But where they at? Where they at? Yo.

Ahem, excuse me, I’m channeling some Swagger Wagon and if you haven’t seen this yet? You gotta. It is too cute.

Now, see my issue is real. My iPhone is in requisition to an almost four and six-year-old. They have ways that you don’t realize. One second you’re holding your iPhone; Tweeting, and Facebooking. The next thing you know, with a nod and a wink, it spins away slipping right into their greedy outstretched hands. As if they used their MIND. Suddenly little grubby fingers are tapping away like iPhone pros. Tap, tap, tap, circle, finger point thumb. Huh?

I remember the first time I handled my iPhone. I tapped and nothing happened. Tapped harder, nothing. Tilted the pad of my finger to use the other side, nothing. Different finger, nope. Then I wiped the screen on my pants leg, tapped repeatedly and STILL nothing. TAP! Let’s not even talk about the scrolling, and enlarging. I’m not ashamed to admit, it took me a few weeks.

But these children, they just pick it up swiftly pecking away; no stops, no jerks – next thing I know – the younger one is watching Barney on Youtube (by the way this is GREAT at a restaurant before the food comes out). She also likes to press the Twitter app, for some reason the bird chirping gives her giggle fits. Tweet, tweet, tweet. Ha ha ha. Endless entertainment, I swear.

The older one started out playing Preschool word games; ABC phonics, Kindergarten words, Preschool Tap, and of course Tinker Bell’s Fairies Fly. Sweet right? I felt so proud giving up my precious iPhone for the education of a precocious child. You know what app she ended up on when I happened to glance over at her progress level? Slots. Yeah. Are we in trouble or what?

I thought FINE. If she is going to invade my app domain. I’ll show her. I started downloading some harder games. Simon says, Differences, and Wordsearch. The six-year-old found four matches on Differences in less time than I had found ONE. And Wordsearch? No problem. For one, she can read – really well. AND two, she discovered the clue button. Probably because she can read. She clues on the puzzle right away and gets the word highlighted in pink. Yeah, I no longer have high score on that one.

They play Checkers, Tic Tac Toe, Tap Tap Revenge, and Burpz (oh, that one gives us fits, sorry mom). But listen, I have more than just app issues. I have shame. My iPhone commandeered by a preschooler and a kindergartner. I think iPhone should make a CHILD device. Not iPad, not iTouch, more like iCan, because more than likely they can, and better than me. Or how about iGenius? iLittle? iAmtoocutetosaynotoo? iGiveup? idigress…

Surely there is some app that is solely mine. Own and mastered by just me. Uno? Nope, she wins that. Deal or No Deal? She loves to pick cases! But wait, I don’t think she ever got the million and you know what? I did. I totally did. Ohhhh yeeeeaahh..

Take that little iPhone geniuses!

So there ya have it, an app that is still mine. Well, that and WordPress, just wait til’ she hijacks that one and starts her own blog, Tales from the Swing Set, The real life confessions of a Kindergartner, or Musings of a Day Care Drop Out. I can already see her hits exceeding mine……

Look out world, it’s a whole new generation. Just give me my apps back.

Where they at?


47 thoughts on “Yo, Where my apps at?

  1. Yup. Start ’em out young. In no time they will be WRITING the apps!

    You should start making notes of what you would like and I bet they will be able to do it for you in not too long!

    Little iPhone Genius!

    I liked your iPhone Rap!


  2. hahaha SO true!!! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve given my 2 year old my Blackberry to shut her up! Granted I have the BabyGo app on mine and she can press any letter and the sound of that letter is heard….so I justify it by thinking she’s learning.

    iKin would be a good name for little people iphones…or iTouches…or iWhatevers….


  3. Maybe they should call it the iSoothe b/c it’s been a lifesaver for me in some situations.

    And love the potential blog titles! I doubt Poop Diaries would get as many hits 🙂


  4. Kids are born wired these days. Just hand them any device and they’ll figure it out even before the pie is done baking. We got a lot of catching up to do LOL.


  5. Great post Angelia – I had no idea you could so so many things on an iPhone, now I want one even more though if I get one I shall have to keep my three year old daughter away from it clearly!


  6. First off, thanks for introducing me to Swagger Wagon. I had seen the one commercial but had not idea it was a whole series. Love it!

    Second, I don’t think there is a device made that kids can’t commandeer and figure out. I readily admit I’m techno moronic. It has always amazed me how I can buy some new gadget and pratically before I have it out of the box the kids had it figured out and months later (and 6 upgrades) I’m still trying to figure it out! LOL


    1. Peg-I have a picture of you looking pretty techy. You and Angelia both with your phones out. I took a pic with my phone and thought that was pretty funny!

      Swagger Wagon is the BEST!


  7. Hilarious! I have a Blackberry, so my kids don’t do too much on my phone, but they sure are comfortable on the computer. And as for a blog – the first grade daughter of one of my best friends already started her own blog. Mom and Grandma were already doing it… she figured she might as well too. It is sporadic, but fabulous to see into the mind of a six year old when she does write.


    1. Much More Than Mommy-Definitely! It’s great especially when Jason and I BOTH have iPhones – so BOTH little girls are happy. Sydney has her own. Bliss pure dinner bliss! Unless we are supposed to talk. HA HA.


  8. OMG, mine started making me feel old when they were teenagers, you have to deal with this cleverness at your age??? You have my respect that you cope with this so well. xox Wilma


    1. Wilma-Sydney had to do a powerpoint for a school project. Now THAT made me feel old. I still don’t know a fig about powerpoint. She is doing it at 15-16yrs old. Incredible!
      xoxxo my friend.


  9. Kids are so damn annoying! My three can beat me at a lot of the card games I used to be good at, like Concentration. I can only remember where the last card was. Somehow they remember three or four turns before. When my kindergartner starting beating me for real, I knew it was time to hang it up.

    I just gave my wife and itouch. I’ll let you know what happens with the apps.

    I just have a regular phone. I’m hoping to be cool enough to have an iphone someday. I say that with no sarcasm. I’m serious!!


  10. izziedarling

    If you have children, NOTHING is your own. EVERYTHING you have automatically belongs to them. Love my iPhone apps – the children have moved on 🙂


  11. I am always so fascinated with kids that always seem to know sooo much when it comes to all of this new stuff coming out into the market. I bet any problems you will have can be solved by them. lol 🙂


    1. Doraz-I should get tips from you! You raised a super talented young man like these girls are showing to be. Would love to get them out on the right foot like you did with your son. I am still so amazed by him and you. 🙂


  12. That’s something how kids pick up things so quickly, isn’t it? I don’t have an iPhone, but the pre-restaurant entertainment sounds like a very good use for one if you have kids, which I don’t. Good luck with keeping your apps.

    Congrats on your SITS day.


  13. My 9 year old daughter had to teach me how to use my iPod Touch and my Droid phone. I remember having to teach my mother how to program the VCR as a kid (and she still doesn’t know how to set the clocks on anything electronic!)


  14. My almost 4 yr old LOVES my iPod Touch. As soon as I walk inthe door she’s asking me to play with it. I’m actually having more fun finding cute games and stuff for her to play with than for me! (Mainly cause until we get wifi in our house it is useless to me for what I want it for)

    Visiting from SITS, congrats on your SITS day


  15. Very cute Angelia. Your blogs always make me smile and they are so enjoyable to read. I don’t have an iPhone I have a Palm Pre which is a great smartphone it’s just that the service can be really sucky at times. I do have to say, I haven’t found any really impressive apps on my phone yet and I refuse to buy apps! (Unless it’s the ski ball app…hehe but I don’t think my phone supports that one.)


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